Baltimore Album Inspired Projects

July 29, 2014

The Inspired blocks are all put together now.  

What color do you think for the border?  Blue?  The Goldenrod?  Green?  Two borders or one?  So many choices before sending it out for quilting.

April 21, 2014

I have finished stitching the Inspired blocks.  Here they are.  Now to sew them together and figure out what I want to do for quilting.  That isn't this week though.  This weekend is my gaming weekend so you'll have to wait longer for that decision.  I might farm it out for somebody else to quilt .  We'll see.  In the meantime, here are the blocks.  Tomorrow I'll take a picture of the layout.

My corner blocks

A close up which shows the colors a little better.

My center block

November 30, 2013

I finally finished another "Inspired" block.  I think this leaves just two corner blocks that need to be done before I figure out how to put them all together.

November 26, 2013

I'm still working on the Inspired blocks.  I have three of them left to do if I remember right.  I'm almost done with one of the center squares and then have two more corners to do.  Since this is for me, I've had to take a back seat to holiday quilting.  I'll get back to them and try to stitch a little bit each night on them.  They will eventually get done.  After the blocks are done then I have to figure out if I want to do sashings between the blocks or not.  I'm not in a hurry.  It will all get done eventually.  I'll probably then send it out to be quilted. 

September 25, 2013 - Next blocks

I have three leaves to do on the current Eagle block I'm doing and it will be done.  Just to have something new to post here is the back of it.  

So it's not the front but at least it's a picture?  LOL.  I'll post the front when I'm done.  I also picked out the next block to work on.  Here it is.

I am looking forward to this rose block.  It looks so bright and pretty to me after working on all the leaves.  :)

September 10, 2013 - The Changing of the Threads

I think I like the darker blue better.  Even though this is in a blurry picture you can still see that it blends in better.  The other picture is showing the comparison between the two threads that I had.  It's not much of a difference in the blues but I do like it better.

Now I can continue on with the stitching of the eagle.

Sometime you just need to unstitch what you did and THEN continue on.

September 9, 2013 - Inspired Progress

I started on some more Inspired blocks over the weekend.  I got tired of stitching on the red berries so I am actually working on TWO blocks at the same time.

Then I ran into a problem.  I couldn't find the right color of blue for the Eagle.  I decided to use what you see in the picture (if you can see it) and then I took it in to work to see how it looked.  It looked "ok" but something just said I wasn't going to like it.  

The blue is "just" off enough that it will bug me.  I think tonight I will be unstitching it.  I found my blue that I was originally looking for, it was in the thread set aside for the African Dancers.  Then I can start to stitch on the Eagle again.  :)

Of course new blocks also mean another corner block to work on.  I managed to get six of the red berries stitched on before I went nuts and had to look at something else.  The funny thing about it is that the first thing that I stitched on the Eagle was the red berries.  LOL.  

We'll see how we are doing on it.  I will probably do another couple of red berries tonight on this block.  Slowly it will get done.

September 5, 2013

Hi everybody:

I will be posting my Inspired blocks here.  I will move them over but in the meantime, here is what I finished last night.

I am also showing the back of the block just because it looks good (this time).  Don't expect it to be looking that good all the time.

The next block up will be another corner block.  It's the same block for all four corners and I have two of the four corners done.  I intersperse them with the prettier blocks just so I don't go crazy.   Crazier than I normally am anyway.  :)

Also, stay tuned for news on the Rose of Sharon BOM that Custom Quilts Kits is doing.  It won't be too long before that starts and the fabric looks GREAT!  Here is what their latest newsletter had to say about it:

From Custom Quilt Kits Newsletter:

Here is the BOM that we are starting in October.  I will offer a needle turn option and a fusible option.  The needle turn
method is taught in the book and on the DVD. Due to copyright restrictions, everyone needs there own book or DVD.
I have the books and DVDs if you need one--books for $15 and DVD's for $18 (Amazon has them for $50, can you
believe it?) If you like to take classes and watch demos, the DVD is your better option.  If you can look at a picture
and read the instructions, then the book is fine.  The BOM is only $10/new customers and $7.50/returning customers.
The batik fabric has been prewashed and treated to prevent bleeding. Email me if you want on the list!

That's it for this update.  Everybody have a great day!

September 2, 2013

Did anybody notice that I changed the title of this page?  I decided that I might never finish the original project but I *am* doing things along a similar line.  My Inspired blocks that I am doing would fit under the Baltimore Album Inspired Projects theme so I will probably be moving and posting that information over here.  Not only that but I will be doing a Rose of Sharon BOM through Custom Quilt Kits and I can show that progress here also.  Another thing that I can post progress on is Wenche's Baltimore Christmas BOM that I did.  I did the nine blocks but never put it all together.  Then mother said she wanted a table runner made out of three of those blocks.  I believe that I will make those nine blocks into three table runners.  They really do look cute together.  I will have to figure out what to use for the background and how to finish them but when I do I will post here.

December 2011

Can you believe that it is December already?  I can't!  Mom turns 92 tomorrow and I'm still stitching on her birthday present.  Speaking of stitching.....

Here is what the December 2011 Baltimore Album block is suppose to look like.  I think I will jump to this one over the holiday break and do it and then try to work backwards to catch up.  Notice the word TRY...  :)

November 11, 2011

Oh my!  It's been a couple of months since I've last posted on this page?  Not surprising since I've been busy but still.....Must try to remember to post more often.

The November block came out today and, of course, I will not get to it for a bit.  Here is what it is suppose to look like though.  LOL.  We'll see what colors I choose to do it in.

We'll see how I change up (or if I do change up) the colors of those flowers.  It's not speaking to me yet.  Perhaps it knows that I'm behind and is taking a nap and waiting for me to get to it.  LOL.

September's BOM was skipped do to flooding.  She did pick back up in October though.

October BOM should look like this:

September 11, 2011

Finished the July block last night.  I couldn't get good pictures of it so I'll post two.  The first is undoctored and the second is lightened up so you can see the pattern more in the dark purple lollipop flowers.  It's a dark purple on black.  Nice to see but hard to take a pix of.


A note about doing the Baltimore Album.  If I can do it you can too.

Besides the usual "If I can do it anybody can", I suggest it for the following reasons:

1.  It's free.  Let's admit it.  Free is good.

2.  These are 12.5" finished sized blocks but you work on 14" squares.

3.  They might look complicated but they really aren't.  You can do them at your own pace and in whichever method of applique you like.  We even have one person who is doing a wool Baltimore Album.

4.  They are all up on the site (which I'll post at the end of this). 

5. If you have EQ7, she gives both the EQ version to download as well as the normal pdf to download.

6.  TONS of support. 

Check out some of the months and where you can find the patterns at:


In case this wasn't mentioned before.

The First one:








Due to weather conditions which took out her computer, September hasn't been posted yet.

Seriously, I love doing this one block at a time.  If you need help just let me know.  We have more people joining up each month and all the patterns are still available.

September block will not be posted.  Her flooding caused too much damage so September's block will be skipped.



September 8, 2011

I'm making progress on the Baltimore which is good since Septembers block should be coming out today or tomorrow.  I am certainly getting my practice in leaves with this.  LOL.

I've also added a picture of what the block is suppose to look like when finished.  The top row of green leaves has to be turned under yet but I put on 16 leaves last night and that was more than enough for one evening.

September 4 2011

It's been awhile it seems since I've posted here.  That's ok.  There wasn't anything new really to post.  This time I have managed to get the June block done. I've also started on the July block.  I did try using starch etc and a heat proof template but can't say that I liked it.  I think I have a problem with waiting and all that fussing about.  I want to get to quilting.  I know that my grandma didn't do all that fussing about but did quilts so I'll keep looking for a method that works for me.

Here is the block I finished.  Ignore the dark images coming through the white.  That's another block on the design wall that is bleeding through.  I will take a better picture sometime.

August 9, 2011

I find myself behind even more but that's ok.   It is something that I am used to by now.  The reason I am behind again?  The August block has been posted now.  I really need to get June done.

This is what the August block is suppose to look like when finished.  Of course it will depend on what fabrics I will choose, not sure yet.

Once I get started on July it won't take me long since it is lollipop flowers which are basically circles.

I need to work harder on getting my leaves done right.  If July and August don't get me better on leaves I don't know what will.  I will try and get Templar so that I can cut a plastic template for them and then try starch and iron method next.  I think part of my problem is that I hurry up the preliminary stages.  I'm not giving my starch enough time to dry and therefore my shapes don't look quite right.  I was not named Patience at birth and therefore I only have a limited amount of it.  :)

I will try and keep you posted on my progress.

July 28, 2011

I'm not sure how to post on these auxiliary pages so for the meantime I'm just going to do what is called top posting.  I'll separate the entries by dates and dotted lines.  So check back periodically...

So here we go.  This is the center block.  Sorry that the picture isn't straighter.  :)

This is the corner block.  I only have one done so need to do three more.

Having connectivity problems so I'll upload more after dinner with my brother or tomorrow.  At least it's a star.  :)

Ok.  Back from having salad bar with big brother.  I am stuffed.  He complained all the time because he had fallen down when he went to the farmers market.  Of course he had to tell everybody at the store he had and that he probably wouldn't be able to move tomorrow.  That's ok.  He probably won't be able to either.  When he pulled up his pants leg to show me how bad his knee was, I had to stifle my laughter because there was this nickel size scrape.  I know it hurts him and he'll be stiff tomorrow so I feel good that I didn't laugh.

Let's try loading the last of the pix.  These are the other two blocks that I have done.  I am about 3/4 the way done with another block and haven't started on the lollipop flower block yet.  There will be a new block coming out soon so I need to finish this one at least.Hopefully this weekend or next week. 

I'm not sure if I will go back and redo some of these blocks.  I can see that I'm making progress and the earlier blocks are now starting to bug me.  I'll have that figured out by the time I send it off to be quilted.  My friend Shelley is going to quilt it for me on her Long Arm.  :)


It seems to me that it would be a good place to put all the blocks from my Baltimore Album BOM 2011-2012 on a separate page.  It is another one of my major projects and deserves to have a page of its own. This is what the proposed finished quilt will look like.  Mine will be a little different.  One of the changes is that I am not going to do the inner vine border.  My colors are also slightly different.  Since this is a BOM (Block of the Month), there will be pictures each month posted as well as progress ones.  Enjoy!


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