Monday, March 21, 2011

March 2011

As always, this year has been going by fast and I am lagging behind on posting.  Most of the people who read htis already know what has been going on with me so I have a tendency to neglect posting.  :)

Lately, my excuse has been more legitimate.  I came down with a case of shingles.  If you've never had thankful.  There are various reasons why a breakout of shingles might occur but the most prevalent is stress.  Go figure.  Most of the time the breakout is on the legs, arms, back whever the body has a week place and nerve clusters.  Lucky me....that turned out to be the face!  Jeesh.  It is taking forever for this to go away.  I am not contagious any longer and have been done with my anti viral meds for a week or so now.  The eye doctor that I was sent to put me on steroid drops to reduce the swelling behind my eye.  NOW I have to be on them for around a month.

Normally  I struggle through the day with sensitive skin and eyes and hair.  Yes, hair.  Touching my hair will cause me to cringe as the nerve endings go into overtime and send tingles (and not the good kind) up and down my body. 

Saturday I was able to go gaming and we played traveller.  In the middle of the game, I had a pain epsiode.  I'm sure it only lasted 3 to 5 minutes but it felt like hours.  I tried to not let on that I was in pain but clenched fists, not speaking, and looking down at the talbe were clues.  I slowly came to realize that everybody had stopped tlking and I was sure they were all looking at me but with my eye closed wasn't sure.  I finally asked Mike to get me a cold compress which helped and after the wave passed by I could continue on.  Mike went and got me a cold pack which was nice so I could use that for the rest of the evening.

That episode messed up my eyesight for the rest of the weekend though.  My eye says I've typed enough in this light.  I'll write more when I can.