Friday, August 18, 2017

Scary Picture

Brace yourselves!  I am posting a scary picture.  You might have guessed's a picture of me.  I thought I'd post another one since I've lost some weight.  Since March 1st, I've lost:
45.6lbsTotal Lost
1.9lbsAverage Weekly Loss

Sorry about the background but it was the only place I knew that had a full length mirror.

Another shocker is that now that I've started to feel better, and now that I found where I put my clip on magnifiers, I started to take a few more stitches on the cross stitch project (mini owl).  Of course that means I needed to make some more needle minders.  I found some cute buttons so used them this time.  What do you think?

Yes that is my mini owl that they are attached to.  I'm making slow progress on it but then I've never been a fast cross stitcher.  Actually I've never been fast in any of my crafts.  I will get it done though.

Break time is over so I have to go.  I hope everybody has a wonderful day/night.

Until next time....

Happy Days!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Hello, remember me?

I haven't been feeling good lately so haven't done a blog post recently either.  My apologies to all my readers.  It's surprising sometimes how drained you get when you aren't feeling well.  In my case it is a pinched nerve.  I am better but still use a cane to walk with just in case I get wobbly.  Muscle relaxers are fun stuff at times.  :)  

Since I haven't been mobile for any length of time, I haven't done any stitching either.  :(  

I came back to the office today and much to my surprise (and delight), my herbs that are growing in the AeroGarden shot up quickly.  They were planed on 8.7.17 and this is what they look like today.

Chives in the front, Lavender in the middle, and Sage in the back.  I think I will have to cut my chives down soon but that's alright.  I love chives on potatoes so I might do that.

My lunch hour is over with so I must go back to the desk and weed through everything.    I hope everybody has a great day/night.  I will soon be getting back to stitching and when I do, I'll share pictures.

Bye for now.

Monday, July 17, 2017

I can post now!

I have now gotten permission to post pictures of a pattern I tested for The Quilt Pattern Magazine.  Go visit them at their website:

Any of you who have followed me for a bit know that I love The Quilt Pattern Magazine.  Look over to the right side of the blog.  Yeah, that's it.  See that new spiffy green tag?  The one that says I am a Pattern Tester for the Quilt Pattern  Magazine?  Yep.  Just got that.  Pretty cool isn't it.   Right below it is my I love TQPM (The Quilt Pattern Magazine.  :)

Anyhoo (my brother Tony's favorite word), here are two pictures of the pattern I tested.  I am posting two  different ones just because some of the colors show up better in the lighter pix (Drifting Leaves 2) although Drifting Leaves 1 is more accurate for the darker fabric etc.

It was a little different.  Seeing the grey/silver stripe on the left as the tree from which the leaves are falling from and doing a little sweep of my quilting lines down at the bottom as the wind.  Still it will be good to hang up when it gets cooler.

Just had to share my news.  

Everybody have a great day!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yep that's right.  I am 61 years old today. that correct?  Hang on while I dig out a calculator.  Yeah, that's right I have to use a calculator now to verify my age.  Oh well.  I still love my birthday because it beats the alternative.  So I dug out my Queen of everything cup to use today at work.

I also put some flowers that I received from a friend on my desk and let my friend George the Dragon help guard them.

Along with the flowers came some caramel brownies but I didn't think of taking a picture of them.  They were washed down with some wine.  Perhaps that is why I forgot.

I didn't forget, however, to snap a picture of my progress on the mini owl.  You can just start to see the rings of the Celtic part showing up.

Well it's after 8 a.m. which means I should get to work but wait!  There's more!   One of my co-workers brought in treats for me AND flowers.  Thank you Debbie!

I hope everybody else has a great day!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Welcome to July!

Can you believe that it is already July?  I can't.  This year is flying by.  I don't have much to report, or at least that I can show, right now.  I'm busy working on a test pattern which means no pictures or anything else until I get it finished and it gets published.  I finished one up to report on and now have a second one.  Hang in there.  I'll be back to working on other projects which I *can* show you after the 15th.

In the meantime how about a picture of my tomato plants for my aerogarden?   I think I almost killed off my lettuce but that's ok.  I got to eat it around 5 times.  I think I cut too much off but only one type of the lettuce really did good.  I'll have to think if I want to grow that again or not.

BUT here are the tomatoes.

I think that I caught about 5 or 6 tomatoes in this picture.  These are small than cherry tomatoes.  Would that make them about the size of grape tomatoes?  They are called mini cherry tomatoes so we'll see how large they get.

I received my areogarden catalog in the mail and am tempted to either do herbs or regular flowers next.  Now sure which.

Back to the Test Pattern.

Everybody have a safe  and happy holiday!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hump Day!

Welcome to Hump Day or what some people refer to as Wednesday.  I've been sick with allergies and other monthly problems but was in the office today and guess what!  The tomatoes are in bloom and the lettuce needs another cutting.

I'm finally working again on my test projects which is a hard thing to do when your eyes are having trouble focusing.  I think I might have to take in my cheaters to see if they will help.  But since I can't show you my progress on the test projects, let me show you DeKalb, IL weather as of around 5 p.m. 6.14.17.  I took some pictures when I left my building.  I thought that the cloud formations were interesting.

It's time that I sign off because my eyes don't like to focus right now.  I'll try to post later in the week.

Everybody have a good day.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Manic Monday

Aren't all Monday's manic?  Today especially since it was the first day back to work after vacation.  I'm making through all my emails (100) of them and am now on lunch so I thought I would catch up on some blogging.

My vacation was pretty good.  Didn't do much but relaxed.  The last two days were a bit bothersome since the allergies kicked in and even with my Benedryl Chasers after Zyrtec mornings, I still was sniffling all day.  It's not as bad today so that is good.

I signed up to do a second quilt test pattern and went and bought the material for that.  I am about 1/4 of the way done with the other test pattern so that is good.  I got lazy and didn't even work on quilting stuff for most of the vacation.  Still I should be on track for turning in the results of testing.

Yesterday I did manage to work on my mini owl cross stitch.

That is approximately 1000 stitched.  I want to finish up that last 10 x 10 block (where you see partial stitches) tonight.  I'm debating if I want to start on the Holy Grail one.  I might since I have all but one color of floss for it.  I'll see how I feel.  I need to make sure to spend more time on quilting right now because of the test patterns.  In the hot weather, however, I prefer to work on cross stitch.

I came back to work and couldn't believe how large my AeroGarden was.

Theresa, my friend who works at the Graduate School convinced me to snip it because the lettuce was just sitting there.  Hopefully that will rejuvenate it.  :)  That being said, here is a picture of my first lettuce harvest.  Not a lot but enough for a side salad.  The leaves are nice and tender and tasty.   Yummmmm.

That's the report for today.  Everybody have a great day.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Vacation Thursday

That's right.  I'm on vacation or staycation as it is called and I should be very productive.  Notice that word should.  That should tell you how my staycation is going.  That's ok.  I am relaxing and that IS what a vacation is all about.  So what have I been doing?

Well I've been catching up with some of my gaming friends on the internet.  Offering sympathy to some and congrats to others.  I signed up for a second test pattern from The Quilt Pattern Magazine.  I know.  I must be a glutten for punishment since they BOTH are going to be due around the same time period.  I have been going through old pictures (Throw Back Thursday after all) and I am slowly been working on projects.  So let's get to the pictures shall we?

I posted on Facebook my group of pictures for Throwback Thursday.  I thought my cousin in Alaska might be able to identify them and that led to a nice back and forth conversation on Facebook about the pictures.  They are from my mother's side of the family and Gayla (my cousin) is from that side and has done quite a bit of research into that ancestry.  Thanks to Gayla I found out that my Grandmother Chamberlain (Mertie Christman) had sisters and brothers!  Really?  I never knew that.  We only ever knew Grandma.   It turns out that Grandma's siblings in order of birth were:

Mertie (grandma)
George Ray

WOW!  That's a lot of new relatives, especially knowing that they had children and married, etc.

This was my throwback Thursday collage.

Then I found out that the kids were Grandaunt Bessie's.  This is Grandaunt Bessie.

This is Grandaunt Bessie and was also the throwback Thursday photo that Gayla posted. :)

We also talked about trading off some recipes which led me to look around AND I found some of my mother's recipes that I inherited had recipes from some of my relatives.  I love how mom would make notes and rename things.  For instance she had "Ethel Koltz's Pistachio Salad" and then at the bottom of the index card the recipe was written on it said "Ethel is married to a 2nd cousin in Hinckley.  Great people!  I love those notes!  Now Gayla has some new leads to look up since I remember that the 2nd cousin was called Harold.  It will be interesting to see what she can find out.  I also ran across an older cookbook.

Mom also made notes in that cookbook.

The check marks were recipes she was interested in making and the note about the sorority refers to the time she was a sorority cook as well as their housemother.  She drew two salaries for that and had fun.  She did that AFTER she retired (for the first time).

She also liked to makes notes in the back of the book.

Perhaps after my tomatoes and lettuce are ready to eat I'll be putting in a recipe (or at least their picture).  Speaking of their pictures, I snuck into the office this week before anybody was there and took these pictures of the progress of lettuce and tomatoes.

Aren't they doing great?!

I didn't let those things distract me from trying to do some crafting.  Besides signing up for another test project (and yes I am working on them), I collected up and got organized another project for cross stitch.

I have only one skein of floss to get but am having trouble finding it.  I need to double check the pattern and make sure that I didn't mark down the wrong number.  The other skeins are all wound up on the bobbins and put into my plastic storage for the project.

The company I got the pattern from also included cards which have the symbols already printed on them.  So I took some of the floss and put them on the cards.  That way I don't have to carry around the big box if I don't want to.  

That's all for now.  I hope everybody has a great day.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

It's Friday Jr.

I love the app on my  phone that is Bitmoji.  It has all these cute little things I can send to people and my favorite place is to send to Facebook at the end of the day, etc.

Isn't that cute?  Bitmoji is where I found the Friday Jr. tag.  Here is it.

You can change the look of your Bitmoji but I like this one since I have dark hair, etc.

I worked on my test pattern last night and will work on it more tonight if I can stay awake.  It's been kind of hard lately to stay up for a reasonable amount of time.  Just so much going on.  I'm sorry I can't show you pictures yet but I can show you a picture of my lettuce and tomato plants.

Lettuce - 5.25.17

Tomatoes - 5.25.17

That's about it.  My break time is over and I need to get back to tuition waivers.  Sigh.  LOL.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday Wonder

Wonder of all new glasses came in early.  So I went and picked them up.  It will take a little getting used to but I think I will like them.  Now I will warn you now...what you are about to see is a scary sight....ME!    LOL.

Not the best picture but considering it was taken in the car looking at the rear view mirror and my seat belt is on...I guess it's not the worst picture.  To celebrate getting a new pair of glasses, I also picked up two new hard cases.  America's Best gave me a free see through hard case but I thought to get these two also since they were only around $2 each.

I have been wearing the glasses for an hour now and find that my eyes need a rest.  I'll take pictures tomorrow of my AeroGarden and also an update of the mini owl.  Next week is vacation, or should I say staycation, so I will start to catch up a bit on the Solstice blocks as well as work more on the test project.

Until then....SMILE!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday

Today is kind of exciting but also kind of nervous type day.  I am excited to tell and show you my update on the AeroGarden but also excited because I will be going to the eye doctor today.  Haven't been to get "prescription" glasses since I had shingles what...5 years ago?  The cheater glasses (magnifiers) have been doing great for me, and still do, but I need to take the vision test when I renew my drivers license this year.  That is what prompted me to go and get glasses from the professionals this year.  That is also the nervous part.  I hate exams whether it is for eyes or for other parts of my body.  At least the eyes are the least objectionable.

The other exciting news is about the AeroGarden update.  My tomatoes have started to sprout!!!!  Here are today's pictures.

First up is the picture of the lettuce.  You might notice that I have taken the domes off of two of the three types of lettuce.  The Deer Tongue lettuce still hasn't sprouted  so the dome still stays on.  I also took off the dome today since I will be out of the office on Thursday and Friday.  You are to take the domes off when the sprouts start to get to the top.  I thought might as well do it now.

The rather exciting news is on the tomatoes.  They have started to sprout!  My student helper, Noah, will check on them and if they need to have the domes taken off also, he will do it for me.  He's a gem of a student helper.

All of this means that you won't get any new pictures of the garden until Monday.  I can hear some of you say "YAY" to that.  :)    Thank you for putting up with my joy of attempting to do the hydroponic gardening.  I can take the two days off knowing that the garden is being watered, the lights are on timers, and no weeds to pull.  THAT's my kind of gardening.

I hope you all have a great day.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tuesday's progress

I managed to get more _____ cut out for the test pattern and it's starting to take shape.  You didn't really think that I'd show you sneak peak of the test pattern did you?  LOL.   It will be pretty and I'm already thinking of doing a second one.

In the meantime I'm watching my lettuce grow.  Today you can see two of the lettuce types more.  One of them, the Deer Tongue Lettuce, hasn't started to pop through yet but it still has time before I give it a good talking to.

Today's picture of the black seeded is....

How about that!  Isn't it being energetic and growing so nicely?

The Parris Island is keeping it company and looks like this today.

Maybe the Deer Tongue is just waiting for the others to get high enough it can hide out of sight.  Hmmm. ..

I've not forgotten crafting though.  Besides working on the patterns for the Solstice block (which I'm behind on), I have the new test pattern and I also have  the Mini Owl in Cross Stitch.

That about 400-450 stitches one on it AFTER I had to take it back out.  It's coming along though and that is what is important.

Sue...thanks for the update on your Mini Owl.  How do you like that new method of doing it.

Now time for some more caffeine otherwise I might look like...

I hope everybody has a great day/night.

Monday, May 15, 2017

It's a Monday but it's been a good Monday

Today has been a Monday but it's been a good Monday.  Very little problems at work AND.....I can see some of my lettuce in my AeroGarden sprouting.  Yes!!!!  That's the same lettuce pods that I just started on Friday.

What a surprise to come in and see that!  I did find a picture where they estimate the growth.  Here's the picture.

We'll have to see if it really does continue to grow.  I will have lettuce before tomatoes since tomatoes take 7-14 days for the sprouts to appear.

I did manage to get some quilting started but I, unfortunately, can't show it to you until around January since it is a test pattern that I'm doing.  It's going to be cute though!!!!

I will try to work on some cross stitch tonight.  It's boxed up and put away but I know where it is at.  :)

What has everybody else been working on?

Sue Cottle -- How is your Mini Owl coming along.

Friday, May 12, 2017

It's Friday!!!!!

Congratulations everybody.  We made it to Friday.  I'm taking my break to write this entry since I'm so excited.  My AeroGardens came in and they are now set up in my office.

In between my white AeroGarden and my black AeroGarden is my student helpers (Noah) plant.  He asked if it could catch some of the rays also.  He helped me put the AeroGarden's together so of course I said yes.

What is AeroGarden?  The AeroGarden is an indoor garden made by AeroGrow International. TheAeroGarden can be used to grow small amounts of vegetables, herbs, salad plants, and flowers. The seeds for these plants come in special seed pods, or consumers can use their own seeds with a custom kit. (from Wikki).

I have two 3 pod units (they were half price).  In the white one I am trying to grow Heirloom Mighty Mini Cherry Tomatoes.

In the black one I am trying to grow three different types of Heirloom lettuce.

There is the Black Seeded Simpson lettuce, the Deer Tongue lettuce and the Parris Island lettuce.  

The lettuce is suppose to start sprouting within 4-8 days.  The tomatoes take longer.  I'll keep you updated on how it turns out.  If *I* can get this to work, anybody can be a gardener.  Just weeds, no soil, no mess or fuss.  I'm not a gardener but love the gardens bounty so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.  This would also give me fresh veggies throughout the year and I can mix and match my pods.  

So what do you think?