Sunday, July 1, 2018

Happy July 2018!!!

Welcome to July 2018. 

I can't believe that it is July already.  That means in 11 days I will turn 62!  Where did all the years go by?  I wonder if my last two years before retirement will go as fast.

The last couple of days have been brutal.  My electric bill will be out of this world because of the air conditioner.  Oh well it will be what it will be.  Unfortunately that also means I didn't have energy to do much.  I do have the binding pinned on to my new wall hanging.  I will start to stitch that a little later today.  It should be done by the 4th so I can hang it up at the office.

That will be nice on the wall I think.    It's time that I get back to straightening out the sewing area.  The house where my apartment is in is up for sale so I'm not sure whenever anybody might pop in to look the place over.  What do you think, should I get this enlarged and post it up in my defense and having a sliding arrow to show which project I am working on?

I could, of course, just leave a marker at WITHWIT!  I think most of my projects fit that category.  :)

As long as my great niece doesn't say that when she gets married.  She just got engaged.

At least she looks happy.  I have seen her guy but think I have only said hello to him on 2 occasions.  They are planning on a picnic on July 21st so I'm wondering now if this will be a shower time for her or what.  We'll see. 

Until next time, have a great weekend and try to stay cool.

Hugs to all