Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day to all my military friends.  Thanks for serving in the past, present and future.

Today is a damp day.  We are expecting rain and it sure feels like we will get it.  I stopped at the credit union today and blocked paypal from putting through any charges.  Hopefully I did it in time so that more money won't be taken out for "service charges" to occur.

I entered into a fabric post card swap and here is the one I made.  I haven't made one before but it didn't turn out too bad.  The pictures colors are off a little bit because of the flash and overhead lights but you'll get the idea.

That isn't dirty snow that I used although it looks like it.  That is a white on white fabric.

Just got back from a Veterans Day service at NIU.   It was nice.  Didn't take any pictures but will scan in the program later.  They gave out yellow ribbons for people to wear....which I am.

I wonder if they will do something special next year since it will be 11-11-11.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November 10, 2010

It is official.  Today sucks.  Actually this whole week has sucked and it doesn't look like it will get better anytime soon.

Most of the problems are stemming from two unauthorized charges in paypal.  I contacted them and my credit union which is linked to the paypal but one of the charges had already gone through (59.99) and they had denied the other charge (99.99) and charged me $25 for NSF.  So this morning, inbetween calling appears I am in a catch-22 situation.  The credit union can put a block on the charges but in doing so, they would permanently block Paypal from using my account....even for those I *did* authorize.

Paypal can't do anything except investigate it, which they are doing but that doesn't mean they can stop the 99.99 from being submitted a second time.  If THAT happens, then either my bank will pay it (*I* don't have an extra $100) which means I will be short for other bills, or they will deny it (depending on if it comes in before or after auto deposit from paycheck) and I will be charged another $25.

Sigh.  Life sucks sometimes.

The weather today is at least nice.  It will be in the 60s again.  By Saturday night it will start to hit the colder weather again but not for now.

Catchya all up later.  It's noon and time to create a fabric postcard.

Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8, 2010

Today is suppose to be a little warmer.  Up in the 60s for a bit which will be nice.  We also turned back the clocks one hour so that was good but I still don't feel like I've had any more sleep...probably because I don't think I have.  :)

I don't know how Laura is doing.  Hope she is doing ok.  It is hard waiting for people to let you in on stuff.  Mom had a good day yesterday though.  One of her best ones in a long time.  Had a good conversation with her and she ate all her breakfast.  She even saw four birds at the birdfeeder which was good.  She missed them.

I'm brain dead today so will type more later.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

November 4, 2010

A chilly day today.  Started off around 30 degrees F although it feels like it should be 30.  The wind is coming from the West Northwest at 9 mph and there is a slight chance of rain for this afternoon.  We'll see how accurate the weather man is today.  He is predicting only a high of 45 which will probably be true since I have to go out with Tony tonight after work.  Besides our normal weekly get together, he needs to get mom some more lipstick.  It appears that she gave me her lipstick because she didn't like it and now she can't remember that and accused the laundry service at the nursing home of taking her lipstick.  She gave it to me on Sunday because she didn't like the shade.  She has never worn that shade before and it would be too pale on her. I'll go with Tony and pick some out for her.  Perhaps see if he can pick up two tubes and then I'll keep one for when this happens again.  :)

The governor race still hasn't been decided on.  It is too close a call for anybody to "give up".  I've heard that they are now waiting for all the ballots to come in from the soldiers, etc.  It might be a month before it is decided.

I am looking forward to the 17th which is my next day off.  I plan on doing a lot of stitching that day. I still have to get Dan's birthday present done.  Connie is helping me with it but I will have to do the applique work on it.  I will have to get my mind to start to shut off at night though if I am to get everything done by Christmas.  There are four wall hangings that I need to do.  It sucks having all these ideas and no money to get the fabric to do them with.  Oh well, that just makes me use my creative juices and find alternatives.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 3, 2010

Woke up about 40 minutes before work today.  I had a rough night.  My brain would NOT shut up and I refused to stay up to listen to it.  I think I will be tired all day today.  It's a dreary day out.  In the mid 30s and rainy.  Totally Fall Illinois weather.

I have now agreed to take over two swaps on the Quilting Board.  The coordinator has a dying mother in law and was listed as primary care giver so she is dealing with that right now.  I originally thought I had agreed to only take over one swap but she posted for both swaps.  In for a penny in for a pound.

One of the swaps is a secret pal swap.  I have been doing secret pal swaps for about 4 months so pretty much understand how that works.  The other one is for a Winter postcard swap.  I haven't made post cards before and will have to read up on that one.  It should be interesting.

The results from last night elections:

     Results not yet available     Democratic hold     Republican hold     Republican pickup  Our US Senate - Mark Kirk (R) - seat held by Obama14th Dist. US Rep - Randy Hultgren (R)Secretary of State - Jesse White (D)Ill. Atty. General - Lisa Madigan (D)
Governor's seat is really close at the time of printing for the paper on Wednesday morning.  Quinn leading with just 9000 votes.  
President Obama's senate seat went to Republicans
Another close race - DeKalb County State's Attorney - Clay Cambell won it over Sarah Gallagher Chami by a 54% to 46% count.

Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1, 2010

November finally arrived which means that the holidays are now coming full steam ahead!

Back to work today so I have time to take a couple of minutes to catch up on the blog.  That's what 15 minute breaks are for correct?  :) 

I had a pretty good weekend.  Mom was pretty coherent so we had a good visit and she ate all her biscuits and gravy.  That is one of the things that we are working on...trying to get her to eat more food.  She didn't complain about much so it was a very enjoyable visit.  I also heard that my brother Kerm was able to get out over the weekend to spend some time with his family and might be able to go back home around the middle of the month.  It's been three months now since his surgery and he is finally walking with a cane and can go up steps. 

I was also able to have a delightful chat with a friend while he drove home from visiting friends and inbetween that I even got some quilting done.  This candle mat seems to be a little popular but I'm not sure if I'll make it again.

After I did the candle mat I found another pattern for a candle mat.  I had material for the second one also so I fused it and will hand applique stitches to keep it on.  After putting it on the material, I think this would make a nice little wall hanging.  If nothing else, perhaps for mom since a lot of wall hangings are too big for her wall in her room.  Of course her not having enough room is because she has a lot of things up on her wall.  LOL.

This week should be pretty good weather wise.  In the 50s during the day and low 30s at night.  I woke up to 30 degrees F and had to scrape windows before going to work but was hard to scrape.  It might help a little bit when we change time on the 7th.  Not sure yet on that. 

Time to get back to work.  :)