Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 3, 2010

Woke up about 40 minutes before work today.  I had a rough night.  My brain would NOT shut up and I refused to stay up to listen to it.  I think I will be tired all day today.  It's a dreary day out.  In the mid 30s and rainy.  Totally Fall Illinois weather.

I have now agreed to take over two swaps on the Quilting Board.  The coordinator has a dying mother in law and was listed as primary care giver so she is dealing with that right now.  I originally thought I had agreed to only take over one swap but she posted for both swaps.  In for a penny in for a pound.

One of the swaps is a secret pal swap.  I have been doing secret pal swaps for about 4 months so pretty much understand how that works.  The other one is for a Winter postcard swap.  I haven't made post cards before and will have to read up on that one.  It should be interesting.

The results from last night elections:

     Results not yet available     Democratic hold     Republican hold     Republican pickup  Our US Senate - Mark Kirk (R) - seat held by Obama14th Dist. US Rep - Randy Hultgren (R)Secretary of State - Jesse White (D)Ill. Atty. General - Lisa Madigan (D)
Governor's seat is really close at the time of printing for the paper on Wednesday morning.  Quinn leading with just 9000 votes.  
President Obama's senate seat went to Republicans
Another close race - DeKalb County State's Attorney - Clay Cambell won it over Sarah Gallagher Chami by a 54% to 46% count.

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