Sunday, September 29, 2019

Yawn....Can't sleep

I know I just posted something but, much to my surprise, I thought I HAD posted it.  It's been sitting in draft form for around 20 days.  Oops.  :)

It is now 2:53 a.m.and I can't sleep so I thought I'd try to write a post and remember to actually post it after I wrote it.  Hmmm.  I hope that made sense.  I do have some things to say.  First of all it is time to toot my horn again.  As some of you might remember, that means one of the test patterns I did is going to be in The Quilt Pattern Magazine (it's an online magazine) so now I can show you what it is.  It has the cute name of Baby Cherrywood Blocks

I think it is a nice cheery quilt. 

Since I finished that one, that means it is time to start on something else.  With the holidays fast approaching, I figured I would do something for Halloween for my friend Janine.  I'm thinking of this little wall hanging.

I am also almost finished with my first Fleur block.  I'll post a picture of that in the next posting and hopefully will have the second one fused down and can start to stitch on it soon too.  Too many projects and not enough time.

As if I wasn't stretched thin enough, I decided to be a Color Street Independent consultant.  What is Color Street? 

I never could get my nails to look nice and couldn't afford to keep up with acrylics, etc.  Color street nails are real nail polish strips that are 95% dry.  That other 5% allows the strips to be flexible so you can apply it to your nails.  They also have fun names.  My current color is called Star Spangled Sparkles.

I use regular nail polish remover when I want to take them off and put on another color. 

It is now 3:15 and I might to go back to bed.  Hopefully I will be able to sleep this time.  Wish me luck!

Quick Update

I'm sorry for being so absent but  life has thrown a couple of loops towards me.  I should have known almost a month has gone by because my passport came in (YAY).  Still I am hanging in there.  What I can tell you:

1.  I fell on August 13th and it took a bit to recover from that.  5-6 hours in ER didn't help.  Nothing broke so no worries on that.  I am officially cleared from the doctor now.  The accident DID make me have to go to a primary care doctor.  My old one retired (shhh.  he retired around 3 years ago) and I just don't go to doctors that much.  Most of the time it is to convenient/urgent care because I don't have to wait for a regular doctor's appoint.  Now I have a doctor.  His name is Ghouri Khan.  He wants me to go in for some routine tests since I haven't had them on a regular basis.  I told him I have to wait to see what happens with insurance and the fall.  The hospital bill for that one trip to the emergency room is almost $5,000.  I know that I will have to pay at least $250 since that is the emergency room co-pay.

2.  I am in the middle of testing a pattern for The Quilt Pattern Magazine.  That fall put me behind schedule so I have to kick myself into super drive to finish on time.  It will be awhile before I can show you that one.

3.  Today was cooking day.  I'm trying to get back into the habit of cooking once or twice a week and not eating out all the time.

This weekend I've cooked:

2 loaves of beer bread (3 ingredient recipe - gotta love it)
sweet potatoes - in the crock-pot
cauliflower - in the crock-pot - might put some cheese over it when done, not sure yet
Tikki Masala - in crock-pot  on Saturday - turned out great and it is now portioned out for lunches
Chicken Fajita - in crock-pot on Saturday - will have it for lunches this week
3 ingredient sloppy joes - (salsa, BBQ sauce, and ground meat)

4.  The house sold.  I will have a new landlord.  He seems nice but then I haven't seen or heard anything about how much rent and/or if there will be a lease or not.  I'm sure we'll be talking later.  Today they did a final walk through.  He had some questions like is the a/c unit mine or does it come with the apartment.  Does the faucet work since it was put on backwards and things like that.

5.  I am planning on being a Color Street Stylist.  You'll hear more about them later but I've fallen in love with them.  They are not acrylic nails but actual nail polish strips.  They are mostly dry (around 95%) but that extra 5% that isn't dry yet allows you to easily put them on.  Like I said you'll see pictures of my nails with them on later.

That's it for now.  Time to check on the stinky cauliflower.  I had forgotten how it smells up the kitchen.

Have a wonderful day.

Hugs to all