Friday, April 29, 2011

The other project

The other project I need to finish by this month is this one.  I will simplify it a little bit but I haven't figured out yet how I want to.  The middle section will just have the snowman appliqued and not the inner quarter square triangles.

The colors for this one will be black and white and purple.  Basically substitute the purples for the blues in it.  instead of a red scarf I have purple batiks.  I'll be posting progress pictures on it also when I get to work on it.

The weekend is here

Finally the weekend has arrived and today, Friday, has had some better weather.  Unfortunately, I also think that my eye is getting a little worse.  I will have to make an appointment with the eye doctor anyway next week so it won't be too bad.  The corner of my eye wants to stay red a bit more and also I am getting a little pain back.  I will get it figured out sooner or later.

On a good part....I managed to start on a block for the table runner for the Quilting in the New Year Swap.  The table runner has five 10" squares to it.  Once I get it appliqued (needleturn) the actual quilting won't be bad because I'll just go around the pattern. 

Here's a picture of what the final project should sort of look like.  This was done without actually using my fabric but it will give you an idea of what the pattern and color pallette should be.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Today is a chilly day.  39 F and windy.  I did manage to take a walk this morning which was nice.  A tad chilly on the return route.  I managed to stop by Connie's office and picked up a 3 1/2" template that she is letting me borrow.  I will be using that on my wall hanging for the Quilting in the New Year swap for April.  One of my partners wants a holiday themed wall hanging and loves snowmen.  I will do one for her with purples instead of the normal blues.  She also requested purple.  Hopefully it will work out. 

I might get the chance to walk home after work today also.  I'll see if the air in my tire is holding long enough for me to get a new tire put on tomorrow.  I'm not sure when Bockman's will get the tire in so they will call me at work tomorrow and then I'll take off.  I must remember to bring kleenex with me for when I cry at the bill.  It appears that the Saturn takes an odd size of tire and they have to order it.  It will cost around $140 after tax and everything gets added up.  I checked with another woman in my office who lives in Rockford and drives a Saturn.  She said that is about right.  She recently had to get new tires also.  It was nice to hear that the price was about average for the area. 

I ordered in lunch today (Tom and Jerry's - Gyros, sauce only) and now I am ready for a nap.  I think part of that is also hearing the wind outside my window.  Curling up underneath blankets sounds good right now.

Oh well, back to work and Excel sheets.

catching up

I am again about a month behind on posting but the tests that I did yesterday showed that this email delivery method will work.  Bear with me while I catch up on some things.  I know most of you who are on facebook might have already seen these projects but I wanted to post them to the blog also.

I have been working on some swaps and this is the wall hanging was done last month.  I like the pattern and this was done as fusible applique.  The big flowers worked up nicely and I love the colors of the red and blues in it.

I am also in a swap where I only swap blocks.  In this case blocks that measure 12.5" .  I will hopefully have enough blocks some day to put them all together in one quilt or a couple of wall hangings.  The blocks come from a quilter named Rhonda who has broken down some methods and modified them for her own use...she calls it the cut down method I believe.  For instance.  Instead of sewing a half square triangle that is 2.5" and having to do with little bits of fabric, she says to sew your two colors together and THEN take a 2.5" template and cut out your square from it.  That is pretty easy to do and if I remember not to rush myself, you can use that method to make flying geese (think triangles for you non quilters) in the same way.    Here is a picture of the original pattern.  The block that I made to swap was done in greens, purple and white.  I will post a picture of that later but it isn't on this computer.  I will have to go to the other computer to download it.  This will give you an idea on how it roughly looks.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

test 2 - posting a picture

Here is another test.  Time to see if I can attach a file to an email and have it posted automatically on the blog.  I might get the hang of doing this yet.  LOL.

If this works, it will show the flowers that my boss and helpers (graduate assistants and student helper) got me for Administrative Professional Day 2011. 


This is a test and only a test.  Well it's a test for more than one thing.  I changed the settings on my blog to try and post something via email as well as having it automatically sent to a couple of people.  So Shelley and Sally, let me know if you get an email notification that I have updated the blog.  If this works, I might be able to keep up to date more since typing via email is easier? 

Perhaps not easier but more convenient.  :)

Soon new pictures will be posted also.