Thursday, April 28, 2011


Today is a chilly day.  39 F and windy.  I did manage to take a walk this morning which was nice.  A tad chilly on the return route.  I managed to stop by Connie's office and picked up a 3 1/2" template that she is letting me borrow.  I will be using that on my wall hanging for the Quilting in the New Year swap for April.  One of my partners wants a holiday themed wall hanging and loves snowmen.  I will do one for her with purples instead of the normal blues.  She also requested purple.  Hopefully it will work out. 

I might get the chance to walk home after work today also.  I'll see if the air in my tire is holding long enough for me to get a new tire put on tomorrow.  I'm not sure when Bockman's will get the tire in so they will call me at work tomorrow and then I'll take off.  I must remember to bring kleenex with me for when I cry at the bill.  It appears that the Saturn takes an odd size of tire and they have to order it.  It will cost around $140 after tax and everything gets added up.  I checked with another woman in my office who lives in Rockford and drives a Saturn.  She said that is about right.  She recently had to get new tires also.  It was nice to hear that the price was about average for the area. 

I ordered in lunch today (Tom and Jerry's - Gyros, sauce only) and now I am ready for a nap.  I think part of that is also hearing the wind outside my window.  Curling up underneath blankets sounds good right now.

Oh well, back to work and Excel sheets.

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