Thursday, April 28, 2011

catching up

I am again about a month behind on posting but the tests that I did yesterday showed that this email delivery method will work.  Bear with me while I catch up on some things.  I know most of you who are on facebook might have already seen these projects but I wanted to post them to the blog also.

I have been working on some swaps and this is the wall hanging was done last month.  I like the pattern and this was done as fusible applique.  The big flowers worked up nicely and I love the colors of the red and blues in it.

I am also in a swap where I only swap blocks.  In this case blocks that measure 12.5" .  I will hopefully have enough blocks some day to put them all together in one quilt or a couple of wall hangings.  The blocks come from a quilter named Rhonda who has broken down some methods and modified them for her own use...she calls it the cut down method I believe.  For instance.  Instead of sewing a half square triangle that is 2.5" and having to do with little bits of fabric, she says to sew your two colors together and THEN take a 2.5" template and cut out your square from it.  That is pretty easy to do and if I remember not to rush myself, you can use that method to make flying geese (think triangles for you non quilters) in the same way.    Here is a picture of the original pattern.  The block that I made to swap was done in greens, purple and white.  I will post a picture of that later but it isn't on this computer.  I will have to go to the other computer to download it.  This will give you an idea on how it roughly looks.

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