Saturday, September 15, 2018

Remember me Part 2

Hi there.  I'm Bonni and I write things on this Blog when I remember. 

Terrible of me isn't it?  I've been so busy that I hadn't noticed time that was flying by.  I mean yes, I noticed it, but I didn't realize how long it had been since I've posted.  I wish I could show you progress on TONS of projects that I was working on but alas, no.

I am in another Paint Chip Challenge.  I am really stretching outside of my comfort zone on this one.    Here is the picture of the rough draft of it.

It, of course, is just fused on.  Now my friends would say I shouldn't point out what I don't like or what was done wrong.  I'm not like that.  I will point it out so that others will know that it shouldn't stop them.    So here we go.  First of all, in the waves at the bottom, there are some gaps.  That actually is on purpose.  The original picture had black in between some of them.  I have a bit more than "some".  I ran out of fabric in a couple of places in the sand so it is pieces more.  Will have to figure out what I'll do there.  The top of it shows the stones and then the sands.  The original picture had squares of black and beige.  I thought about putting the squares in but alternating between the stones and sand but didn't like how that worked so I merged those squares together.  I have a lot of embroidery to do on this and hopefully it will looked better when I'm done.  Of course I'll have to  cross my fingers when I do it.  :)

I'll try to post more often.

Until next time, hang in there and pick my slack for not getting more projects done.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Remember me?

Hello, do you all remember me?  I know it's been a long time since I posted (about a month) but I hope you remember me.  :)

So what have I been up to?  To be honest not much.  I lost my crafting mojo for a bit but am slowly gaining it back.  In fact TODAY I started to work on a redwork project.  It's small but a start.  What happened to make me start up again?  Various things.  to begin with my friend Connie gave me a new lipstick (liquid lipstick) that, while it is a bit bright for me, didn't look that bad on me.

I've always had a hard time matching lipsticks to my skin tones but this works pretty good.  Now to get used to the red color.  It's so bright!  I have, however, worn it twice now which is twice as long as any other red lipstick that I've tried.  Perhaps there is hope.

There must be hope for, shocker or all shockers, Avocados were on sale at Walmart for 2 for $1.  I picked up two and held my breath for I have a hard time figuring out if the avocado is ripe but not overripe.  Guess what!  SCORE!!!!!  It must have been a sign since It was "just right".

With those two signs, I must be on a roll so I decided to pick up some redwork to work on.  How much do I love redwork?  I love it enough to buy a cone of the red that I use for it.

The cone is DMC thread, six strand, so it is like what I buy a skein of but in this case I am not running out for the immediate future.  What did I decide to pick up on?  The Quilt Pattern Magazine's Mystery redwork BOM.  I had tested two of the blocks but it is officially just starting up (july) and the first one is a red rose.

The August block is some packages (as in presents) but I don't have that on fabric yet.  The blue that you see in this picture is Mark B Gone water soluble markers.  Just spritz it with water and it disappears.  If it doesn't all go away then just repeat.  I don't think I've ever had to do it three times.

Another thing that has gotten me back into quilting.  That would be Our Time To Quilt Youtube videos.  Deb is down to earth and her topics vary.  It's more of a "this is what I do and I know you can do it too" or "Have you thought of this?"  She is honest and if something doesn't work then she'll tell you it didn't work.  One of the best things is that she is starting to have a weekly LIVE chat with us.  She can chat and do whatever and we type in our questions/comments/answers.  She is going to work on doing an applique video that we can join in since some of the people who signed in want to learn that.  Interested?  Check out Our Time To Quilt and if you want to join in the LIVE chat then go to the Youtube channel on Sunday afternoon 3 p.m. Eastern/2 p.m. Central.  Hope to see you there.

So thank you to Connie, Deb, The Quilt Pattern Magazine, and many other who keep on track to be creative.

Oh, almost forgot, they sold the house that my apartment is in.  I'll tell more about what happens next when I figure it out.  :)

Until next time...

Be creative!  Be Happy.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Happy July 2018!!!

Welcome to July 2018. 

I can't believe that it is July already.  That means in 11 days I will turn 62!  Where did all the years go by?  I wonder if my last two years before retirement will go as fast.

The last couple of days have been brutal.  My electric bill will be out of this world because of the air conditioner.  Oh well it will be what it will be.  Unfortunately that also means I didn't have energy to do much.  I do have the binding pinned on to my new wall hanging.  I will start to stitch that a little later today.  It should be done by the 4th so I can hang it up at the office.

That will be nice on the wall I think.    It's time that I get back to straightening out the sewing area.  The house where my apartment is in is up for sale so I'm not sure whenever anybody might pop in to look the place over.  What do you think, should I get this enlarged and post it up in my defense and having a sliding arrow to show which project I am working on?

I could, of course, just leave a marker at WITHWIT!  I think most of my projects fit that category.  :)

As long as my great niece doesn't say that when she gets married.  She just got engaged.

At least she looks happy.  I have seen her guy but think I have only said hello to him on 2 occasions.  They are planning on a picnic on July 21st so I'm wondering now if this will be a shower time for her or what.  We'll see. 

Until next time, have a great weekend and try to stay cool.

Hugs to all


Monday, June 18, 2018

Toot Toot and apologies

First I owe all of you an apology for not posting for so long.  Between not feeling good, super hectic at work, and just being too hot and cranky to work on anything, my crafting mojo took a holiday.  I am hoping to get it back soon so you might see more things from me in the near future.

In the meantime it is time to Toot my own horn as The Quilt Pattern Magazine says.  Their July issue has something that I did for them.  It is a mystery quilt and I did a couple of blocks that have redwork in it.  Here they are...

Sorry this one is so dark.

The Mystery quilt is not all redwork so look for it starting in July 2018. 

Break time is over so it's back to work I go.  Stay cool and keep on stitching!

Hugs to all.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Which layout do I want?

Decisions decisions.  How many times have you read those words from me?  Well today is another time.  Today's experiment is the Batik Braid Quilt by  I liked how her tutorial explained things and this was a regular braid not a French braid.  It was pretty but a little too scrappy for me.  I have problems with that yet.  So I thought what would happen if I laid it out like it showed but before sewing the individual braids together I'd put a vertical sashing in to break it up a bit more.  Of course the big question was what fabric to use.  I found a Moda jelly roll so I pulled that out.  It's pretty (thank you Marsha for trading it with me).  Once that was figured out, the next was to determine which 2 1/2" strips I would use.  I wasn't going to make a large wall hanging or braid so I didn't need all of the strips.  I finally settled on these.

Now I'm a lazy quilter.  I am addicted to sitting in my chair in front of the computer with the tv, across the room, on and me stitching applique by hand or something else.  Today the something else was cutting up the strips.  To accomplish this I taped my small cutting mat onto my wooden tv tray and put it in front of me.  It just fits nicely between me and the computer table and if it gets in the way I can slide the tv tray underneath the folding table that the computer is on.

To help speed up the cutting, I put pieces of tape on the cutting board to mark where I was cutting the fabric.  I put it up high enough so that I could cut either right underneath it, or scoot over one square so that I'm not cutting in the exact same place every time.

 It worked out pretty good.  After trimming off the selvage ends, this is the only part that was left from each strip.

Afterwards I had six identical stacks (2 1/2" x 7". 

It was time to lay things out and this is where I need help.  Which of these combinations do you like the best?  A?  B?  C?

Of course these will be trimmed after sewn. 

That's it for today but let me close by saying, PLEASE let me know which option you like best, and hear are some cute puppies to brighten your day.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

I'm tired!

I'm tired but had a pretty productive day.  I managed to get some food cooked up and portioned up for meals later on as well as did some more stitching!  Tomorrow is another scheduled stitching day.

These are my blocks for the Victoriana Quilt Designs Stained Glass Strip quilt.   I am only going to make this a 4 x 4  because I want to hang it up in the office in a particular spot and that is what I will need.

This isn't the final layout though.  This is just pinned up on the board to get an idea.  I will be cutting down the block some and evening them out etc.  That might make them look different too but we'll see. 

THEN there are the black strips to add to it.  This will give you an idea of what it will look like.  This is a quilt as you go so now I wait until the last of the instructions will be given.  There isn't a timeline for that so it might take a bit before it is finished.  These will be put in one of my boxes and marked for when the next instructions come down the pipline. 

Tomorrow I will be working on another braid table runner.  This time I will use a different jelly roll and a different pattern.  The one I first did was a French Braid runner.  This one might be a just a braid but not sure I'll make a runner or follow the pattern for a wall hanging.  If I do the wall hanging I'm thinking of putting sashings vertically down each "braid" to help separate it more.  Of course I will show you my progress and which I like better.

I am glad that I did some cooking today too.  Tomorrow I can relax a bit more and not worry about food.  I think I might put some chicken in the crockpot tonight before bed and make some soup or something tomorrow.  Today I roasted some carrots in the toaster oven.

After they came out, I put them in snack bags.  I'm not fond of raw carrots for a snack but roast them or cook them and I ALMOST can't get enough of them.

After bagging them up, they are joining the other food that I portioned out.

In my portion pack bags, I have multicolored bell peppers and onions, ground turkey mixed with some of the bell peppers and onions, hot dogs, and smoked sausage.  I use the ground turkey mixture with eggs for breakfasts for work.  I add salsa and cheese as toppings.

I put 2 hot dogs in a pouch which will either be for lunch or perhaps cut up and put in another dish.  The smoked sausage I only put in one per pouch.  Those I will either have as is or perhaps add to my bean soup etc. 

That's all I have to report today.  I hope everybody will have a great day/night.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll take a picture of my cross stitch on Staircase to Heaven.  I'm about half way done with one page and even though it is primarily dark colors yet, I can make out where some of the books are.

Until next time...

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Using up scraps

I made a couple of mug rugs for a friend who is going through some rough times.  The second one (the red one) isn't as good as I would want but it did use up some scraps and I think she will like it anyway.  That's what I get for doing something late in the evening.  LOL.

The blue one is because even though she is an educator, she is also a musician.  The red to represent NIU's Huskies!  GO HUSKIES!

Just a little thing to hopefully cheer her up a bit.

Time for me to get to bed.  I'll talk to you all tomorrow and tell you what I decide to work on next.