Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Land of UFOs

I was reading Bonjour Quilts blog today and I liked what she said about UFOs.  Some of the things that are pointed out are:

There isn’t any rule that says YOU have to finish them.

The final outcome doesn’t always have to be what the UFO was first intended.  Did that baby grow out of the baby quilt size?  Can you add more rows to it.  Did your quilting Mojo go in hiding and you can’t stand to work on another full size quilt or larger?  Can you cut it back and make a baby quilt or wall hanging out of it? 

Basically, take stock of our UFOs and look at them.  REALLY look at them.  Do you really want to finish that project?  “What’s the minimum effort required to get it to a useful state?”  What great advice!  What’s the minimum effort required to get it to a useful state.  I think it should be printed out, embroidered or whatever and put where you can see it.  First of all, who doesn’t like minimum effort.  We are all busy and don’t always have time to do things.  So rethink how you do things.  What HAS to be done to finish the project.  Does it need 3 borders?  Maybe 1 would work?    Do you need another quilt for the bed?  Perhaps you can cut it down to make it a wall hanging to go OVER the bed.  Perhaps you can redo it so that the one large quilt can be made into a couple of smaller quilts so next time you get the “oh look who is having a baby”, you might already have the quilt done.

Check out her post and see for yourself.  

Perhaps 2019 can be the year we try to cut back on our own stress as well as get UFOs finished.  That’s my goal.  To cut back some stress.  I don’t have a lot of it but I know that as I get closer and closer to retiring, my stress levels will go up.  I will try to keep it to a manageable stage which means I will have to do cross stitch and quilting.  

I am doing pretty good so far.  I am collecting some of the blocks from various BOMs but not working on them.  That takes some of the stress out right there. 

I will work on them when I will have time but I can’t work on them unless I collect them.  Did that make sense?  For instance.  In order to get some UFOs finished, I am not going to work on all the 2019 BOMs or BOWs that catch my eye.  I might download them but won’t let myself work on as many until I finish a UFO.  That means I have to start out making a list of my UFOs (shiver) as well as a list of what NEW projects I would like to see done in 2019.

It’s a start.  I’ll work on that this weekend.  I already have a partial list but, to be honest, my UFO list was getting too long so I stopped writing them down.  Yes I know it is called avoidance but you know what?  It works.  LOL. 

Everybody have a great day and I’ll post up a picture of what Block 2 for Delft Blue in the next day.  That’s a weekly BOW so I will feel lucky if I get them cut out and fused in a week.  I know I can’t stitch that fast.

Until next time,

Happy Stitching

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Delft Blue BOW - Block 1

I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out.

The background is white on white but with the lighting in my apartment, it didn't come out that clear.  I need to also go through and erase my placement markings.  I used Fons and Porters grey making pencil.  I used it on another block (for a different project) and it erased well.  I used a stiff brush and also a white eraser to get the markings off.  I cut the end off of the white erase so it was clean and I wouldn't be rubbing in any other colors or such from previous uses.

So this weekend will be the alternating between three projects.  The black and white sunburst which I am hand quilting (large stitch), this block, and the first block for LeFleur.  LeFleur I am doing as a block of the month.  Delft Blue is a Block of the WEEK though.  That means I at least need to download the pattern each week and hopefully get it fused down.  I have all my fabrics now though and after this first one, I figured out a couple of things I will need to improve on.  Sometimes old ways ARE the best ways. 

I hope everybody has a great weekend and if you are in the area that is getting snow, hang in there.  If you are NOT in the area that is getting snow, want some?

Until next time,

Keep on stitching.

Friday, January 11, 2019

It's 2019? Already?

I am sorry that I haven't written before now but the new year, while I knew it was coming, snuck in behind me and took over.  Of course burning my hand, getting an infection in my thumb, and all the other various aches and pains of old age, didn't help any.

I was productive though.  I know it's not much of an excuse but it's all I got.  I did start the Fleur block.  I was going to put together all the 9 patches since they were all the same (do you hear the BUT coming?)...BUT I miscut my fabric TWICE which made me have to run out and get more.  It wasn't MY fault.  I mean the miscut was but not the getting new fabric.  I HAD to go and get more, right?

Eventually I got it put together and drew out my applique shapes and cut them out.  I laid out the block but you know what?  It had too much plain black in the design and the black that WAS in there was too thin.  I don't know why I didn't notice it before but now I didn't like the black fabric.  Off to Hobby Lobby I went.  I found what I needed so I scooted out of there before I spent more than the $60 I just did and I went home.

After tracing, cutting, fusing, and cutting the applique again, I laid it all out.

Now I was ready to start to stitch the fused pieces down.  I started in the middle and am working my way out.  How do you like my DMC cone of black floss?  It's 6 strands and I have enough of it for a SUPER long time. 

I also had a little bit of time to work on my cross stitch.  I picked up my the New Mini Owl again and did some stitches.  It's coming along.  This is page 2 I'm working on.

That's it for this blog entry.   I'm heading over to my getting healthy page to type up a little post on Spices.    Head on over if you want.  Either way, I hope you enjoy your weekend.  I'll post any updates probably on Monday.

PS:  I bought some more HAED cross stitch patterns.  I'll update that also....hehehe

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas everybody!

Merry Christmas everybody.

I hope that you are having a great Christmas.  I thought I'd share with you what I bought myself this year.  It's the (little drummer boy, a drum roll please)....

Karen K Buckley KKB39 4" to 24.5" Adjustable Square Quilting Ruler

It's like a puzzle that you put together so that you can go from 4" up to 24.5".   It's open in the middle so that if you do applique it doesn't get squished.  It comes in a beautiful 10" container.

The back of the box tells what you get.

Then you get to open it up (see?  Just like a Christmas present) and you see this.

It took me a day to get all that backing off of the puzzle pieces (what I think of them as) but they did come off.  Then, of course, I had to play with them and put them together.  I found that I needed a jeweler's mallet (around $5 from Walmart) to help put them together.  This was mentioned in one of the videos.  It should loosen up but for now it was needed.

After taking it apart again, I decided that I would put some batting in the bottom of the box to protect it a little bit more.

It now it's all protected and sitting in a corner.  I shall use it in 2019.  

Speaking of 2019.  Here is the picture of what the Fleur quilt looks like.  I shall be making a smaller version of it in 2019.  

Between now and January 1, 2019, I shall be deciding what I want to work on.  I'm also trying to cut back on my projects in the hopes that some will get done.  I have to flimsy's lined up for January and then start on Fleur which will be a block of the month.  I have the whole pattern but I'm going to turn it into a block of the month.

More on that later.  It's time to take out my turkey from the oven and chow down.  :)  

Hugs to all.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Happy Holidays

I have been busy at work but have finally calmed down a bit to be more productive.  I am happy to announce that I finished the Flimsy (the top) for a Christmas themed fabric rail fence.

It will be awhile before I finish it.  Maybe in July since everybody says Christmas in July is a thing.  I need to wait and see what fabric I can use for a border on it as well as for the back.  These fabric are really nice so I want to have a "good" fabric to use.  I have a couple that I auditioned but they were light colored and I think it calls for a darker fabric for the border.  I might use the lighter fabric for the binding but we'll see.  

The other things that I worked on AND FINISHED was my turtle paint chip challenge.  There are parts I'm not exactly pleased with but overall I like it a lot.  If I do another one of the series that this came from, I know what I would change.  There might be a dragonfly in the making for 2019.  :)

Now it's time to relax a bit and to share one of my favorite pictures with you.  Have a wonderful Christmas and be safe.  

Merry Christmas Eve!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Decorating the Office

It's after Thanksgiving and the first day back in the office.  What does that mean?  Yep, you're right.  It means that it is time to decorate the office.  I need to do it right away since we are only in the office for around 3 weeks before we are off for Christmas.  I always love changing up the office decor and especially when it is Christmas themed!

Here are some pictures that I took.  First though let me share my snow.  PLEASE let me share the snow that we received the other night.

That is after I fell on my cement steps, hit my butt, head, and back, and THEN shoveled out the car a bit hoping that I could get it finished before more snow came.  After all of that Ibuprofen was my friend and still is.

So are you ready to see the office decor now?  I think my snow family are ready.  See them peeking into my office? 

Come on in and join them for the quick tour of my office.

This is still one of my favorites.  I love the sparkle of the beads/gems on it. 

It was so much fun to embroider!  This next one is also one of my favorites. 

As soon as the red quilt was put on the wall, the wall popped with color.  I am glad of it since this is what I will be looking at from my desk.  The snowman counts down to Christmas and was a present one year.  The Christmas Tree is bead work and done around 40(?) years ago and not by me.  I did, however, inherit it from Mom.  It was made by the grandchild of Mom's best friend (and my second mother).  She and her husband took Mom and I on vacations and out to eat and looked after us a bit after my Father died.  They were great friends.  Anyway, Bob and Ruth only had one female Grandchild who was NOT, according to her, crafty at all.  Much to Ruth's surprise, one Christmas she received this Christmas tree from her Granddaughter.  After Ruth passed on, her family gave it to Mom and then Mom gave it to me.

I put up my English paper pieced snowflake also.  Normally I don't put this up until January but I was on a roll.  I guess this means I will have to make something else to put up on the wall for January.  :)

That's it for now.  I hope you enjoyed looking at my decorations.  Have a great and safe night and remember to keep crafting, it doesn't matter which craft, for it feeds the soul.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Playing with Fabric

I spent my day playing with Fabric.  It wasn't productive in the sense that I made anything. It was productive since I folded a BUNCH of fabric.  Here is the picture of it all sitting on my folding table waiting for me to put it away.

Almost all of the stacks of fabric have 8-10 folded fabric in it.  There are couple of smaller stacks which only have around 3.  Tomorrow I will probably put them in my cubbyhole shelves.  I might have to sort them by color a little better.

I did not do one thing that perhaps I should have.  I just folded it and did not iron the fabric first.  That would have taken too long (for me) and I normally iron fabric before using it.  I did find a fabric (well more than one) that I had forgotten I had.

I think this will be used for one of those window patterns. You might have seen them before.  It looks like you are looking through the window from the inside and seeing what is outside.    I just have to figure out how to do it. 

I hope you all had a great holiday and are enjoying your weekend.

That's it for tonight.   Stay being positive and keep negativity out of your life.  You'll be happier.