Thursday, November 16, 2017

Progress and goodies in the mail

What a hectic day.  It has been so busy that I forgot to post some things.  This is a quick post to catch up.

I had some goodies come to me this week.  For one thing, a new quilting ruler/template came.  The simple 7/8th ruler.  I saw a demonstration of this on YouTube and it convinced me to get it.

I also ordered a mini cone of the black/brown DMC floss since I had decided to use three strands in my Mini Owl HAED. 

I also discovered that I use that color in one of my applique blocks.  This will be a good addition to my DMC cone thread.

I am also working on my Gnome and Critters Christmas.  It doesn't look like much yet since it is the background more.  As you can see by the picture, I will soon be getting into some colors.  Can's wait for that.  I have some days off coming up so hopefully I can make progress on it and the other projects.

I need to get to bed so everybody have a great night/day.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Another use for fabric boxes

I just had to take a break from work today and share with you another use for fabric boxes.  You have seen my boxes that I made and today I found, thanks to the Dean of the Graduate School at NIU, another use for them.  I had been showing the larger size box and had left it on the persons desk.  The Dean came out of his office, saw it, and said "What's this?  A hat?"  Of course, being the kind of guy that he is, he had to put it on.  Sigh.

At least it has a use now.  LOL.  Yes I love where I work.  You never know what will happen.  :)

That's it.  Just wanted to share another use for the fabric boxes.

Enjoy and have a great day.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sunday Squirreling

It's Sunday and, as usual, I'm squirreling.  I start one thing and change to something else.  My solution?  Work on more than one project at a time.

I don't have cross stitch progress pictures to share with you because they are boring.  Even *I* think they are boring.  I had to restart the Gnome Critter Christmas AND the Mini Owl.  So those are the two I am working on.  My goal is to do 300 stitches on the weekends in any combo of those two projects.  During the week?  Not sure what is a realistic number of stitches between work, gaming, quilting and cooking.  I'll report back on that.

On the quilting front I *do* have a picture to show you.  In the clean up the sewing area process, I discovered some blocks that I had done a LONG time ago but never put together.  I should have thrown them out.  I did such a terrible job on them.  I still had 9 of them so I put them together today.  Then I unstitched them and put them back together again since I messed up on the placement that I liked.  Pretty bad when you take pictures of the layout you like and you STILL mess it up.  Welcome to my life.  LOL.

Anyway, here it is.  I have a lot of trimming or something to do in order to straighten it out a bit more but it will eventually become a wall hanging.

I hope everybody has a great Sunday.  I'll chat later.  I still need to get my cross stitching done for today.  :)

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Stitching and Cooking on Sunday

Whew!  It's time for me to take a small break.  It's been a busy weekend.  I've made Sweet Potato Hummus, Beef Stew, Garlic Parmesan Potatoes, and decorated some of the cookies for the birthday party at work on Halloween.  Here are the pictures (well some of them since you already saw some in other posts).

The recipe, idea said to partially cover the nutter butter cookies but I'm tempted to totally cover them (at lest on the front).  What do you think?

I also managed to get some crafting in.  Remember that mini wall hanging I talked about in my last post?  I am stitching on the binding now.  I left off the bats which, to me, made it more Halloween than Fall. 

I am also in the process of taking off the blue markings on one of my Aida cloth so I can reuse it.  Since it would be blank Aida cloth I decided not to take a picture.  It is one step closer to getting back into some cross stitch which is nice too. 

Speaking of cross stitch.  I had ordered a double floss container from Amazon and it arrived today!  That was exciting.  Unfortunately one of the handles to one of them (I ordered two).  So I went on Amazon's website, went through the clicks to say I wanted to return one of them and why and much to my surprise (and delight) they are sending me a replacement and I do not need to mail back the broken one.

What broke was about a one inch piece of the handle.  Since I don't have to send it back, I'm going to try and gorilla glue it back in place.  Either way I will be able to use it!  Another thing that I that I wanted to share with you is a cross stitch journal that one of the ladies in one of my Facebook groups shared.  I hadn't thought of doing this, although have attempted to do them before for quilting, and thought some of you might be interested in seeing it.

I doubt that I can keep something that neat but it is a great idea.  :)

Time for me to get back to sewing on the binding to the little mini quilt.  Perhaps I'll get it done tonight and be able to hang it up tomorrow.

Everybody have a great night/day.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

cooking day

Usually I do my cooking on Sundays but I got a head start today when I decided to make Sweet Potato Hummus.  Yes, another hummus.  I decided to do this recipe since it was so cold in the apartment.  Heating up the apartment by cooking the sweet potatoes in a 450 oven seemed like a good idea...and it was!

So once I was committed, and not THAT kind of committed, I just HAD to finish the hummus, right?  That isn't the only cooking I will be doing.  I will also be making beef stew in my crockpot later.  Maybe Parmesan potatoes in the other crockpot or instant pot.  This should lead nicely into the second week of my FutureLearn course. 

I was looking into other courses of FutureLearn and found some interesting ones.  These are the courses which interested me.

Food as Medicine:  Food, exercise, and the Gut
A History of Royal Food and Feasting
Military Ethics:  An Introduction
Agincourt 1415:  Myth and Reality

So now it is time to turn my brain towards crafting.  I am working on the Happy Birthday Banner/table runner.  I have two more letters done.  It shouldn't be a problem at all to get it done by the end of the month.  YAY!

I was going to do some cross stitch after that but then it happened!  Most of you can relate...I saw another wall hanging that I want to do.  It's a seasonal one so of course I must get it done like NOW!  Ok, I'm delusional. It's a Halloween wall hanging and it's obviously not going to get done in 3 days or however many days it is away.  BUT, and this but is about as big as mine, I think I can convert it to a winter or fall scene if I just leave out the bats.  Otherwise it is a tree that doesn't have any leaves on it with a moon in the background.  It's called Moon Rise and it should finish around 12 1/2".    It was offered for free from Connecting Threads.

I'll think on it more as I eat some beet hummus with red wine vinegar over the top.  That's a healthy snack right? Beets are healthy right?  Plus it's a pretty color.  LOL.

I'll update you later and in the meantime have a great weekend!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Update - forgot the picture

It's me again.  I forgot to add the picture of the three hummus dishes.  Left to right they would be:

beet - Italian - classic

I think that with a little more tweaking, the beet one would be great to take to a holiday party.  It already looks festive.  Has anybody tried to use some food coloring on a classic hummus?  It looks so pale it needs some decorations too.  LOL.

NOW I really do have to get back to work.  Bye.

My surprise gifts!!!!!!!

I was so surprised to find out that I was gifted 3 HAED cross stitch patterns.  They are part of the The Lady and The Unicorn series.  A couple of days ago I posted one of them up and that one was "touch".  Here are the ones that I received from Sue.  Thanks Sue!

Not sure when I'll get them into a rotation to do but I'm excited to get them.  So many patterns, no little time.  One thing is for sure...I'll never be bored!

I am typing this during my lunch hour so I need to stop soon.  Before I do, I wanted to mention that I made three types of hummus last night and brought them into work to taste.  I made Italian Hummus (which I already knew I love), classic hummus, and beet hummus. 

The Italian hummus is the best of the three.  I had some packets of Olive Oil Blend from Subway so I used half of one to dribble over the top of the Italian.  That turned out well.

I used the rest of the packet to put it over the Classic hummus which also enhanced it a bit.

My surprise was the beet hummus.   It certainly needed to be well chilled for the beet flavor to come out.  It still needed something so I search my office frig and found another Subway packet (I knew there was a reason I had taken those).  This one was a wine vinegar one.  I a little bit that over the beet hummus and think it worked out well.  I'm wondering what it would be like with a drizzle of ballistic vinegar on it.

Tonight or this weekend I will be making more pumpkin hummus.  :)  Yes I'm on a hummus kick.

Gotta get back to work now.  Have a great day!