Saturday, August 4, 2018

Remember me?

Hello, do you all remember me?  I know it's been a long time since I posted (about a month) but I hope you remember me.  :)

So what have I been up to?  To be honest not much.  I lost my crafting mojo for a bit but am slowly gaining it back.  In fact TODAY I started to work on a redwork project.  It's small but a start.  What happened to make me start up again?  Various things.  to begin with my friend Connie gave me a new lipstick (liquid lipstick) that, while it is a bit bright for me, didn't look that bad on me.

I've always had a hard time matching lipsticks to my skin tones but this works pretty good.  Now to get used to the red color.  It's so bright!  I have, however, worn it twice now which is twice as long as any other red lipstick that I've tried.  Perhaps there is hope.

There must be hope for, shocker or all shockers, Avocados were on sale at Walmart for 2 for $1.  I picked up two and held my breath for I have a hard time figuring out if the avocado is ripe but not overripe.  Guess what!  SCORE!!!!!  It must have been a sign since It was "just right".

With those two signs, I must be on a roll so I decided to pick up some redwork to work on.  How much do I love redwork?  I love it enough to buy a cone of the red that I use for it.

The cone is DMC thread, six strand, so it is like what I buy a skein of but in this case I am not running out for the immediate future.  What did I decide to pick up on?  The Quilt Pattern Magazine's Mystery redwork BOM.  I had tested two of the blocks but it is officially just starting up (july) and the first one is a red rose.

The August block is some packages (as in presents) but I don't have that on fabric yet.  The blue that you see in this picture is Mark B Gone water soluble markers.  Just spritz it with water and it disappears.  If it doesn't all go away then just repeat.  I don't think I've ever had to do it three times.

Another thing that has gotten me back into quilting.  That would be Our Time To Quilt Youtube videos.  Deb is down to earth and her topics vary.  It's more of a "this is what I do and I know you can do it too" or "Have you thought of this?"  She is honest and if something doesn't work then she'll tell you it didn't work.  One of the best things is that she is starting to have a weekly LIVE chat with us.  She can chat and do whatever and we type in our questions/comments/answers.  She is going to work on doing an applique video that we can join in since some of the people who signed in want to learn that.  Interested?  Check out Our Time To Quilt and if you want to join in the LIVE chat then go to the Youtube channel on Sunday afternoon 3 p.m. Eastern/2 p.m. Central.  Hope to see you there.

So thank you to Connie, Deb, The Quilt Pattern Magazine, and many other who keep on track to be creative.

Oh, almost forgot, they sold the house that my apartment is in.  I'll tell more about what happens next when I figure it out.  :)

Until next time...

Be creative!  Be Happy.