Thursday, November 4, 2010

November 4, 2010

A chilly day today.  Started off around 30 degrees F although it feels like it should be 30.  The wind is coming from the West Northwest at 9 mph and there is a slight chance of rain for this afternoon.  We'll see how accurate the weather man is today.  He is predicting only a high of 45 which will probably be true since I have to go out with Tony tonight after work.  Besides our normal weekly get together, he needs to get mom some more lipstick.  It appears that she gave me her lipstick because she didn't like it and now she can't remember that and accused the laundry service at the nursing home of taking her lipstick.  She gave it to me on Sunday because she didn't like the shade.  She has never worn that shade before and it would be too pale on her. I'll go with Tony and pick some out for her.  Perhaps see if he can pick up two tubes and then I'll keep one for when this happens again.  :)

The governor race still hasn't been decided on.  It is too close a call for anybody to "give up".  I've heard that they are now waiting for all the ballots to come in from the soldiers, etc.  It might be a month before it is decided.

I am looking forward to the 17th which is my next day off.  I plan on doing a lot of stitching that day. I still have to get Dan's birthday present done.  Connie is helping me with it but I will have to do the applique work on it.  I will have to get my mind to start to shut off at night though if I am to get everything done by Christmas.  There are four wall hangings that I need to do.  It sucks having all these ideas and no money to get the fabric to do them with.  Oh well, that just makes me use my creative juices and find alternatives.

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