Monday, December 18, 2017

Tooting Horns and opening presents

It's time to toot my test pattern horn again.  In the next issue of The Quilt Pattern Magazine, there will be a pattern that I tested for them.  It's called Cascading Hearts.  I have permission now to share the pictures from one of the test patterns I did for The Quilt Pattern Magazine.

There is a story behind that. I've always loved hearts and so did my grandmother. I saw her stitching some hearts on to something one day and asked her why she sewed them on like that. This was her answer.

"Everybody needed a heart but they don't need a broken heart. That is why we stitch around it. So it keeps the heart safe and it won't break. Then we had to make sure that the little birds would take our hearts to people who needed them when their heart was broken."

The little birds are the black thread in the middle of each heart. That is why when I tested this pattern I tied it with the little birds instead of doing another type of quilting on it. So all my cascading hearts are flying to people who have broken hearts and these can, perhaps, replace or help heal them.

I have always loved that story. While Grandmother or mother is no longer physically with me, I think of them each time I do crafts.

Of course doing crafts at this time of year calls for caffeine and so I opened up a new Christmas present to myself. All my Mr. Coffee type coffee makers had quit so I bought a new coffee maker. This time I bought a Hamilton Beach Flexibrew one. It's one of the individual cup brewers that can brew a K-cup type or I can use my own grounds, etc.

I't also a coincidence that my good friend Connie gave me a new coffee cup for Christmas. I LOVE cups and this one will hold a special place (yes I've already used it).

I wish I had a cup like that for every one of you who have watched my progress via my blog and in person. You have kept me going on those days when I didn't want to. Thank you one and all.

Are you ready for Christmas? I'm not. Well I am but I'm not. I want to make a couple of quick pot holders yet but that's about it. I have some projects all lined up on what I want to learn to do next year too. I won't call them resolutions because then I'll NEVER do them. I am getting excited for Christmas because I will be by myself and I can do whatever I want.

No doubt I will be talking to friends via the telephone while they drive or after they get home. No doubt I will go to McDonald's to get some caffeine. My friend Janine and I went last year and we were given Santa hats which have the McDonald's arch on them. I will probably wear that. it's good clean fun and a good way to start the day.

I won't be going to my sister in laws for the holiday even though I was invited, but I did get there today. Of course I took pictures and then I filled up on some of her cookies. Enjoy the pictures while I wake up from taking a nap after the sugar rush. LOL. It was worth it.

These are only the cookies that she didn't put nuts in.  She made 6 more types of cookies besides these.  I also ate some divinity before I took the picture.  LOL.

I started out the day, however, with a yummy brunch. It was zucchini, onions, and tomatoes with some spices, surrounded by some wilted spinach and topped with a couple of eggs and JUST a smidgen of cheese.

Now here are the pictures from Bobbie's place.

One of her 45 Snowmen

That's it for now. Everybody have a great day/evening.

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