Thursday, October 28, 2010

October 28, 2010

Today has settled down to be chilly.  43 degrees F, partly cloudy and with the wind (gusting up to 28 mph) it feels like around 35 degrees.  The high is only to be around 40 so we will have to see.  It should be the last day of high winds.  Last night a roof blew off of one of the apartment houses on Greenbrier.  A lot of students live there but it wasn't too bad.  Nobody hurt and only 15 people were affected.  Our Red Cross was there also and soon everybody was taken care of.  Some of the students just went home and started their weekend early and some were put up in a dorm room for the night.

I have to get a schedule figured out for getting Christmas presents done.  I have four to make for the office and then a couple of ones for friends.  It will be a busy time for me and, of course, I never have enough money to get it all done with.  Looks like another trip to the storage shed to look through fabric.  The four for the office I can use plain black for a lot of it (applique stuff) but I don't think I will have fabric for the backing, etc.  Today Connie is going to our local quilt shop at lunch and I invited myself to go with her.  LOL   She doesn't mind though.  She works only two buildings over so we are in the same area.  I will look at some fabric and see if anything grabs my eye.  I should leave my money at home though so I'm not TOO tempted.

I went to Tammy Tadd's with Connie at lunch today and picked up some fat quarters to get an idea of what color I want to put with the hearts that I'm doing.  While I was there I noticed their wool and felt work.  It looked VERY nice.  That is when I came to the realization that I would have to tear out or throw out my first heart that I had done for the 20 heart project.  I didn't like it.  Going there DID give me an idea though.  I thought about the thread that I had been using on the hearts and figured out that was why I didn't like them.  Then i walked past their display of embroidery floss and it dawned on me.  I could try and use that.  Couldn't wait to get home and try it.  I had to go out to eat dinner with my brother Tony first (chinese dinner -- yummm.  garlic chicken) but when I got home I found some gold embroidery floss and did one of the hearts with that.  I....LOVED...IT!  I found what I liked and immediately sat down to work on it.  I've posted here one of the hearts where the floss shows up better.  I'm still working on keeping everything even but I'm getting better.

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