Monday, June 5, 2017

Manic Monday

Aren't all Monday's manic?  Today especially since it was the first day back to work after vacation.  I'm making through all my emails (100) of them and am now on lunch so I thought I would catch up on some blogging.

My vacation was pretty good.  Didn't do much but relaxed.  The last two days were a bit bothersome since the allergies kicked in and even with my Benedryl Chasers after Zyrtec mornings, I still was sniffling all day.  It's not as bad today so that is good.

I signed up to do a second quilt test pattern and went and bought the material for that.  I am about 1/4 of the way done with the other test pattern so that is good.  I got lazy and didn't even work on quilting stuff for most of the vacation.  Still I should be on track for turning in the results of testing.

Yesterday I did manage to work on my mini owl cross stitch.

That is approximately 1000 stitched.  I want to finish up that last 10 x 10 block (where you see partial stitches) tonight.  I'm debating if I want to start on the Holy Grail one.  I might since I have all but one color of floss for it.  I'll see how I feel.  I need to make sure to spend more time on quilting right now because of the test patterns.  In the hot weather, however, I prefer to work on cross stitch.

I came back to work and couldn't believe how large my AeroGarden was.

Theresa, my friend who works at the Graduate School convinced me to snip it because the lettuce was just sitting there.  Hopefully that will rejuvenate it.  :)  That being said, here is a picture of my first lettuce harvest.  Not a lot but enough for a side salad.  The leaves are nice and tender and tasty.   Yummmmm.

That's the report for today.  Everybody have a great day.

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