Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Ok.  Have the pix now.  First up is pictures of mom taken this Mother's Day.

She was happy that I remembered to bring bobby pins for her stuffed dog.  :)  Little things make her happy.

Then on Monday I went to visit my friend Harmony in Mendota, IL.  She has recently moved to a different house and it is out in the country.  Actually all of Mendota is out in the country!  :)  She has a room upstairs which is her sewing room.  She had the most comfortable chair in there which I was sitting in.  Then with the two windows open and the slight breeze coming through...I almost fell asleep.  LOL.

I was going to go to the cemeteries on Wednesday (Today) but then my niece in law (Jessica) called up and we went to the cemeteries Tuesday.  That means today is my stay at home and relax day.

Jessica getting ready to take pictures.

Uncle Russ

One side of Tony (which would be over grandma, grandpa)

Tony, over dad

Sherri (on other side of Tony)

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