Friday, June 1, 2012

Sewing Room and New Office

Whew!  Vacation time went fast.  It ended with my niece in law Jessica coming over and we spent 6 hours going through the sewing room.  It's not totally done yet but at least I can find the sewing machines as well as the floor.  Progress!

The yellow bars are the Flynn Quilting System

The crates are full of fabric and that's only one part of the room

I also managed to make it to a free motion quilting class (3 hours for one Saturday) which was interesting.  The day before I went I had problems with my sewing machine so I bought a new one.  I can only afford to pay $200 for it so i found a brother for that price.  So here I was going to class with a sewing machine still with all it's advertising stickers on it.  Good thing i had the manual with me!

The class wasn't too bad.  I need lots of practice but did learn a couple of things and the machine does quite a few stitches and a block alphabet.

The white square with all the squiggles was my practice piece from class.  It's hard to see.

White squiggles on white board is hard to see but was my free motion practice piece

Then yesterday I was told I could get the office space across the hall from my current location.  That gave me an office that's about 2 times as large as the one I had been in for over 10 years.  Here is what it looks like...sort of.  Still working on it but I thought I'd better take a picture before it gets cluttered again.  You can't see the boxes that still need to be unpacked because I hid them under the desks.  :)  Oh...did I mention that I swapped out the desk chair for another one that we already have?  Now my chair has the massage feature so after moving in all day I sat in it and turned it on.  A gal might come to work with that waiting for her.  :)

I decided that the space by my diploma needed something so am making this little mini.  The fabric came from a basket of scraps that my friend Harmony gave me when I went down to see her on vacation.

Here is Harmony in her quilting space in her new home.

And then we are in June.  June means I can finally show you one of the test blocks I did.  This is for Wenche's Christmas Baltimore BOM.

Well that is it for now.  I'll write more later and/or post some more pictures.  Have a great weekend!

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BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Love this block Bonni and you did a great!