Monday, June 4, 2012


I didn't get much work done today (shhh, don't tell bossman) but I worked more on getting the office situated.  I was pleasantly surprised and delighted when flowers were delivered.  A friend sent me congrats flowers after I had texted a picture of the blank table.  Wonder if I text another pictures showing dead flowers I'd get fresh ones again?  Might be worth a try.  LOL.

I also have figured out that I need to do a wall hanging and posted a picture of what I plan to do above the flowers.  That way it stares at me until I get it done.  It's the Kumbayah Wall quilt from the August 2009 issue of Quilter's World..  I might modify it somewhat though.  There is a nine patch friendship star in the middle and I'm thinking instead of sewing on the triangles to the corners of the quilt to just applique the nine patch onto a solid piece of fabric.  Less seams on the back ground to sew thru when appliqueing the shapes onto it.

Plenty of time to figure out what to do on it., but here's a picture of my flowers and then I'm out of the office.  It's 6 p.m. and time for me to leave since I've been here since 7 a.m.

PS:  The table cloth is some fabric that Lyndon (Bossman) brought back for me from Africa.  :)

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