Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm baaaack

June ran away and before I know it, it's almost July.  I'm still trying to get the apartment cleaned up and organized and have made some more progress on it.  I will have to change how it is set up but that's ok.  I went to Goodwill and picked up a winged back chair for only $4 which was good and then also added, at the last minute, a computer table.  Well the table won't work as a computer table but it is looking pretty good in the sewing area.  :)  I also got rid of my regular ironing board and picked up a small portable. That works better in my limited space. 

I did manage to finish my tote bag.  Had an awful time with the handles.  The thread kept breaking until I slowed down my stitches to almost one stitch at a time.  It's not elegant, it's functional.  I put stuff in it today and took it with me when I went shopping and it held together so it's ok.

Like I said.  It's plain and simple but at least I have a new bag.  This weekend I should also finish mom's latest wall hanging.  I have to redo all my Baltimore Album BOM blocks so she gets the centerpiece of the old block.  I'll post up the picture when I get it done.  I don't like my needleturn on it but she won't care.  :)

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