Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 3, 2012

What do you do when you have blocks you no longer like for whatever reason?  If you're me...you make them into mini wall hangings for your mother.  Mom is 92 and in a nursing home.  She only has room for mini wall hangings (around 12 in size).  I am totally starting over with my Baltimore blocks and the center block which I first did by needleturn didn't turn out the greatest.  Mom thought it was beautiful so I asked her if she wanted me to finish it for her and she said yes.  That was indication that her eyesight is bad because mother is a picky person.  LOL.   Here it is.  I just have to put the sleeve on it by Sunday and then can give it to her.

As you can see, the face isn't straight, the flowers have more pointed points but the leaves don't.  Go figure.  Still it was good to know that I could use it after all .  Some of you might be wondering why I'm not using it or why I'm going to start all over.  That's because I found out that I wasn't consistent with which side of the fabric I used.  In addition the fabric that I was using came in white on white and a cream on cream.  I, evidently, mixed them up and have some on cream and some on white.  I can hear you quilters opening up your mouths to tell me that I can still use them and it will give it a different look is all.  You are absolutely correct.  HOWEVER that is not what I envisioned the block to look like and it ruined it for me.  Back to the drawing board.  :)

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