Monday, July 9, 2012

The Apartment is CLEAN!!!!!!

Well as clean as it's going to get.  LOL.  I'll slowly work on getting some changes done to it (read that as I'll hire my niece to do it) but for now it is all ready for my quilting play date with Harmoy and Connie.

To prove that I actually got it (Thank you Jessica) clean at one time anyway, here are some pictures.  It's a small apartment.  So first of all here is the view as you stand in the doorway.

Look mom!  Clear pathway all the way through the apartment!  LOL. 

The first area is the kitchen.  No cupboards except in the sink area so that's why you see everything out.  Also notice the slanting ceiling and walls.  That's a decorating nightmare.

The little hallway has the bathroom off to the left and two single closets that are great to hide...I mean store stuff.  Not large enough of course since it is my only storage space.  But after you go past the hallway it opens up to the sewing area.

Did you notice that you can see the carpet?  I'm not sure how long that will last tomorrow.  LOL.

The other, and final, area of the apartment is the living room.  Aptly named since I virtually live in it.  It has the TV, DVD player, the A/C (can't forget that in the summertime can we), the computer and the bed.  Almost everything that I need.  LOL.

That's your tour of my CLEAN apartment.  We'll see how long it will stay that way tomorrow.  Hope you enjoyed the peak into my inner sanctum.  I'll report later on what we do tomorrow.

HUGS to all

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