Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vacation is Over

It's Sunday and tomorrow I go back to work.  Sigh...BIG SIGH.  LOL.  I like my work so it's not that bad but I could get used to having some extra time to work on things.  Things like cleaning the apartment. for company.  Tuesday Harmony came over and we had a quilting play date.  It was a special treat since she has kids at home and managed to get a babysitter so she got away from that too.  I believe that my last post showed pictures of the clean apartment.  Well It's a little cleaner since I sent back with Harmony some fabric.  I was able to empty out those three milk crates of fabric and it cleaned up that corner pretty good.

Of course during her visit it looked more like this:

Harmony also gave me the cutest birthday present and I found just the right place for it.  I love this.  Perhaps I'll not lose my keys now.  LOL.  Don't count on it.  The wheel on the sewing machine moves also so it is fun to play with.  (grins).

Connie, another quilting friend, also managed to come over for lunch and stayed a little longer.  Actually it was Connie who threw the fabric at Harmony for the photo opportunity.  Not my fault...really it wasn't.  Umm...I just had the camera in my hand. 

Then on Wednesday and Thursday I planned on what else to work on.  More on that probably in another post.

Friday came around rather quickly and my Niece in Law Jessica (mother of five of the cutest kids you ever saw) came over to help clean.  She is my biggest supporter on getting the apartment all cleaned up.  She doesn't know how to sew but I told her she could do a tote bag.  Simple...No measuring even.  So we set to work.  She wanted to give it to one of her girls, who loved it, and now is thinking she has to do two more for the other two girls.  I think she did a great job on it.

Today also was a good day for mom.  Even though I was 10 minutes late for bringing her breakfast, she cheered up when I hung up her mini wall hanging that I had finished.  She also had gotten a perm and wasn't wearing a hat (a shocker by itself) so I, of course, had to take a picture of her.  :)

Overall it was a good vacation.  Made progress on projects, got to see a person take pride in what they did, and made Mom happy.

That's it for now.  I have to get back to working on projects so I can show you more next time.

Everybody have a great day.

HUGS to all.

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