Sunday, July 29, 2012

Herd of Turtles

I've had a busy weekend for working on quilting projects.  I cut up over 45 t shirt quilts to help a friend.  I cut up the t-shirts, ironed on the interfacing, and cut them to the 12.5" square size.  I still have around 21 t-shirts to go for her and then I have some that I will be using for myself. 

In addition to that, I signed up to do another test pattern.  It's a nice spring one but, of course, you won't get to see it for awhile yet.  I am in one of the most difficult parts of it...picking out the fabrics that I want to use.

I also managed to work on the Herd of Turtles wall hanging.  The pattern is from Pacific Rim and I am having trouble doing it their way so have adopted my own way of doing it.  If it turns out good enough when finished it will be for a present.  Can you see the herd of turtles starting to take shape?

This method uses two fabric for the top of the quilt.  You cut away what you won't need.  In this case, the brown will be the turtles and the border and the blue /aqua is the sea they will swim in.  You leave gaps in the brown to get the turtle shell affect.

Wish me luck.

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