Sunday, June 21, 2015

I love Sundays!

I have always loved Sundays because it is the one day of the weekend I can usually relax on.  Do I want to do cross stitch?  Do I want to quilt or embroider?  Do I just want to be lazy and not do anything or perhaps read a book.  Of course the answer to those questions would be YES to all.  That, perhaps, is why I don't get as much done as I should.  LOL.

I was reading a book the other day and ran across something that stuck with me.  The male character was telling the female why he had so many philosophy books which were obviously well worn from reading them over and over again.  When she questioned him on it, his reply was put into a maritime analogy since that was his background.  He said "The wisdom in those pages keeps me anchored when I'm drifting into ambiguous waters."  As soon as I read it I could relate.  Not to reading philosophy books but to doing crafts.  It doesn't matter too much which craft I do for they all "center" me.  When I feel adrift and can't think straight, crafts bring me into focus more.  Do that happen to you too?  I'd like to hear what calms and centers you.

Even though this was my gaming weekend I did manage to finish up a couple of things.

I managed to get the July Beginner BOM from Creative Rectangles Group on Facebook done ahead of time.  I post up the PDFs for the group so I knew which one to do.  :)

The light color in this is more like a light cream.  I believe it is called Vintage Tiles and can be found at QuiltersCache.

I also had a nice surprise this week.  Years ago I started what I used to call Elf Envelopes.  It was a place where people could get Elf names and just send periodic things to others for no other reason than to lift their spirits.  This week I was surprised to see an envelope with a return address of "Angeline Elf".  I got an ELF ENVELOPE!

There was this cute apple tree block which had been needle turned.  Did she do a great job?  And then one of my favorite things.  An oven towel.  At least that is what my mother used to call them.  The towel with the crocheted top to them so that I can attach it to the oven door.  It too had apples on it.  I love them both and think I might turn that apple block into a mini wall hanging for the office.  It would be JUST the right size to hang up by my desk.

With inspiration like that, I went and finished up a block that I will mail out tomorrow.  I'm only half way satisfied with the block.  I forgot that I had readjusted my hoop when I embroidered my name and year on it so it's not centered like I wanted it to be.  THEN, at the last minute when I was trimming it, my template moved and now one side is a little shorter.  I showed it to the person I will be sending it to and she said that if it is too short and she can't use it that way, she'll trim it down more and put a border on the block so it will be 12 1/2" again.   I am pretty pleased with how the stitching came out.

That is my report this time.  Between the Fourth of July holiday, my birthday on the 12th, and my gaming friends going on vacation, I will have 3-4 weeks of crafting without being interrupted for gaming.  I wonder what I will work on.