Sunday, November 15, 2015

What was I thinking!!!!

Hi everybody!

Don't have much to show you.  I have been going through a period of not being able to decide on what to work on.  That was when I started back with the cross stitch.  I've made progress on the NOEL project.

Then I was thinking of some quilting projects that I wanted to get done.  I fused on an Angel for a block I'm working on.  I'll show you when I get it done more.  I have two to do.  You'd think that I could knock out those two this weekend wouldn't you?  No.  I got lazy.  Here is the colors for one of the blocks.  I'm meeting Connie tomorrow to work on crafts at lunch time.  I think I'll take my embroidery floss and choose which colors I'll use to for my buttonhole.

Anyway then I felt guilty for not doing more quilting stuff so I thought on what to do.  The Quilt Pattern Magazine came to my rescue.  I found a pattern that I signed up to test.  Of course you don't get to see that yet.  That you can't see until the Summer I believe.  I will have to get going on that.  I am hoping that the deadline for that will give me that push to keep going.  

What else is new?  This is.

My friend Connie gave me this.  Talk about comfy to wear!  They are flexible and notice that they have room for your nails to go through.  It is to help pull your need when it is stubborn.  Of course once I got them my needle decided to behave.  Perhaps Connie should have given it to me years ago.  :)

That's about it tonight.  I hope you all find your inspiration and keep crafting!  

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Ha. Reading your post I saw myself. I have such a great amount of stuff to do but have less time on all that things. What a pity that time runs so fast(