Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday Stitching

Hi everybody!

How have you been?  Today has been a busy day of stitching for me.  It's too hot to go outside, plus I'd rather stay in, so I picked up my cross stitch and did another 100 stitching or 1 square on The Guardian.  No pix this time.  I'll take one when I get another 100 stitches done.

That's not all.  I managed to get two blocks done on the Splendid Sampler this weekend!  I am so far behind on them but that's ok.  I save them all and just work on them when I want to or have time.  I wonder how many 6 1/2" blocks I'll end up with.  If I do them all, which I'm not, there would be 100.

Here are my two blocks that I finished this weekend.

The dresden's were terrible to make.  The finished size is barely 6 1/2" so that meant the green stems were 1/4" and the small circles around 3/4".  Yes, those are suppose to be circles.  Same as the center.  Don't blame me.  I can't draw circles, never could, so this was the best I could do.  You can kind of figure out what they are but by the time they are in a quilt and you see it from a distance, they will pass.  LOL.

Here are the other blocks that I have finished so far.

That's my progress report this weekend.  I hope everybody is enjoying their weekend.,  Until next time....Happy Crafting!

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