Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday Stitching

Good morning!

It's Sunday and I am getting back into my routine.  That means time to do some stitching on Sunday.  I have some (aka - a TON) of applique projects to work on so finding something to stitch won't be a problem.  It will be harder to figure out WHICH one to work on.

I have a couple of small projects which need to be done in a couple of weeks.  They are Test Patterns so I can't show you those.  I will start to prep them at least today.  There are some Splendid Sampler 6 1/2" blocks that have some stitching on them.  I might try and work on those too.

Yesterday was a good day for getting some things done.  One of the blocks for the Splendid Sampler was a mini churn dash.  I decided to make mine bright.  I wanted to bring in some color so here it is.

This is a larger picture of the multi colored fabric.

I'll probably never be good at piecing but I am getting a little better.  Perhaps one day I might enjoy it but don't hold your breath.  I keep trying though.

To push my boundaries with piecing, I am doing a starburst design by Missouri Star Quilt Company.
I have two quadrants (of four) done and pieced together.  This is a bad picture but I'll take a better one later.

It's a black and white piece.  I will probably put a black border around it.

What will you be stitching today?

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