Sunday, September 11, 2016

creepy crawlies

It's getting to be that time of year again.  My friend Janine LOVES Halloween and all things Halloween.  She loves Halloween as much as I love Christmas.  Since Halloween is coming before Christmas, I stopped working on my NOEL after I finished the "E" so that I could work on a mini wall hanging to give her.  I changed up this mini wall hanging to reflect Janine's artificial leg.  She never did get the ones which looked like a real leg and just uses the metal one.  I thought she needed it to be represented in the wall hanging.  I just need to sew on the skirt and then see how I want to hand quilt it.  Hand quilting since my sewing machine is still not working.

The back of it will probably be the same material that I used for the skirt and shoes.  I wanted the skirt to look more like the shoes but I put my fusible on the wrong side of the fabric.  So the skirt is the "right" side of the fabric and the shoes are the "wrong" side of the fabric.  I actually like the wrong side better.  The back will probably be the "right side out" and I might use the wrong side for the binding.  We'll see.  It will be a challenge to quilt it also.  I haven't done hand quilting before so I am counting on her poor eyesight to ignore my mistakes.  Actually Janine won't care but I will do my best anyway.

I finished up the "e" on my NOEL which is exciting since I only have one more letter to do now.

Once finished, the NOEL will be my second Christmas related cross stitch that I finished this year. That is exciting because that is TWO (2) UFOs done.

Today is September 11 and I don't have to tell too many people the significance of September 11 to the USA.  I chose to dwell on positive things though so instead I shall say Happy Birthday to my friend Theresa and thanks you to all the first responders and everybody that helped get us through that experience.

I did find this nice picture of a flag that I will share.

Just a snippet of a flag but I know what it represents and what it stands for.  Enough of being serious.  it is late in the night and I go to bed without bad thoughts.  How do I do that?  I watch old TV shows that make me laugh or look at cute pictures.  Tonight is a cute picture.  Take a look at this cute little guy.  Doesn't he look like a wind up toy?

I hope that put a smile on your face and that today was a good day.  I'll see you on the next update.  I might have my next Halloween project (cross stitch I think) picked out by then.

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