Saturday, September 17, 2016

More food than Quilting

I wasn't feeling good today because my shoulders are hurting.  So what do you do?  I managed to cross stitch for about 20 minutes before it was bothering them too much so then I decided I needed to cook stuff.

Now my shoulders and back are REALLY sore.  That's ok.  The movement was probably good for them.  I took some Tylenol so we shall see if that hurts.  I really didn't have much of an option about cooking.  The refrigerator was bare.  So I picked up groceries (spent $50 over my budget) so I decided I had better get to cooking.

Here are the results so far (yes I plan to do more tomorrow).  First up was the Sauerkraut Sausage and Bean Soup.

From one of the Fix it and Forget it Cookbooks.

I will be making this again.  I like the combination of sweet and tangy all in one bite.

After dishing up the rest of the soup and putting it into the refrigerator, I had to lay down again.  I was wincing every time I moved my shoulders.   It's that area between the shoulder blades and the top of the shoulder.

Next up was making some Ranch dressing.  No pictures of that.  It was nothing but milk and mayo mixed with one of the envelope mixes.

Soon I was working on crock pot recipe number 2.  This one was called 1-2-3-4 Casserole.

From one of the Fix it and Forget it Cookbooks

It filled up the crockpot and reminded me a little bit of the ingredients that we would put in those foil packets to cook when camping.

As I dished it out, it reminded me even more so of those packets.  :)   That's ok.  I liked those packets and I like this.  It needs a little bit more salt and pepper but that is to taste.

Once again it was rest time.  And, while I rested I thought about what I would do for my last crockpot recipe today.  I decided on the Western Omelet Casserole.  It takes around 8-9 hours on low so it will be cooking while I am sleeping.  I like that!

From one of the Fix it and Forget It Cookbooks

I'll take a picture of what it looks like tomorrow morning.  Aren't crockpots great?!  I love the idea of putting things in them and forgetting them for a bit.  :)

Now I am ready for bed and have a good start on my meals for the week.

I have some more cooking to do tomorrow.  I think I will do a crockpot onion soup recipe and make some hummus.

I'll talk to you tomorrow.  I hope everybody has a great night/day.

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