Thursday, February 12, 2015

Another project

I started another project today since I didn't bring my applique in to work.  I'm trying to remember how to do a ripple afghan.  Now this is a major undertaking for me.  Consider it up there with needleturn applique or FMQ good enough for show quilts.  I'm serious.  I can only do one thing with confidence in crocheting (hot pads/pot holders) and even then sometimes they don't come out right.  That's why I usually tell gift recipients "I'm giving you a variety of sizes for the hot pads so you can use them with various dish sizes".  I thought that was a good cover up.  So if you get crocheted hot pads from me don't tell me you know the REAL reason why they aren't the same size.  I prefer to live in ignorant bliss on that topic.  :)

So here is my chain.

How many do I chain?  I have no idea.  I'm going until it looks right.  The pattern says chain multiples of 5 plus 7.  So that's what I did.  I always thought the chain looked like a snake.  I guess it doesn't help that it is variegated yarn.  I'm just doing this to use up left over yarn so it will look ugly.  My colors won't be changing until I end a left over ball of yarn.  Right now this color will be around 3 rows...maybe.  I have some tan yarn that I might use next as well as brown.  After that the colors will look a bit weirder (more weird?).

Once I commit this pattern to memory (IF I do) then I'll go and plan one more carefully.  This one will be used to curl up with on the bed or throw over me while on the computer, etc.

Wish me luck!

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