Sunday, February 15, 2015

I was soooooo close....

The table runner is almost done.  Yes I was suppose to mail it off on Saturday but that didn't work.  Why didn't it work?  Because I ran out of Kona Snow fabric.  I tried to piece it but it wasn't going to work.  I tried to use IT as the middle and duplicate my red border around it but that wasn't going to work either.  So let's recap.

1.  Front went beautifully.  Didn't have problems with the applique or anything.
2.  The back - Didn't have enough fabric
     a.  Tried piecing what white I did have - didn't work
     b.  Used the white for the middle and put red borders on - didn't work - will use that for something else.
     c.  Tried using white in middle and putting two red panels on each side with embroidered design - didn't work - took look long.  Took 4 hours and only had one partially done.
     d.  Used red for all the back - Ta Da!

3.  Get out the batting and start the sandwich.  WRONG!  Where did all my longer pieces of white batting go?  I didn't want to piece it.  Finally found an off white batting which was wide and long enough to use.  The Kona Snow fabric is thick enough that it didn't show through so that was fine.

4.  Start to mark my quilting design.  Check.  Didn't go too badly.  Used a ruler and blue marking pen to draw the grid lines (cross hatch).

5.  Sew.  Ah HA!  Back to getting dissatisfied.

By now you can imagine I was stressing out because I'm behind schedule thanks to the backing problem.  I put in a red bobbin but kept the top white.  So far so good.  I got about half way into the quilting and my machine started to clunk.  Yeah, clunk.  That's not good.  By the time I was down to three lines to complete the quilting, it was clunking pretty good and the walking foot jumped more than it walked.  I plowed on and prayed.

I have to do a test pattern this week so I NEED my sewing machine to be working.  I'm taking Tuesday off of work to try and perhaps clean out my machine?  I've never done that so wish me luck.

Sorry no pictures this time because the recipient of the table runner checks here periodically.  I'll post it after it arrives.

Oh yes, one more thing on the table runner.  NOW there are two small spots on the front--my beautiful front is spoiled now!--and I wonder if I should try to get it out or blame it on mailing it to the recipient.  :)

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