Sunday, May 17, 2015

Another finish!

I did it!  I set some goals for this weekend and I met the goals.  Besides doing icky stuff like laundry, I needed to get one quilt block done in preparation for June Beginner BOM in a facebook group I'm an administrator on.  I also needed/wanted to finish sewing the circles on to my repurposed wall hanging.

So let's start with the repurposed wall hanging shall we?

This started out as a test project called Dust Bunnies.  I liked doing it but it wasn't one that I would keep for myself so I took off the bunnies that were sitting on the dust pan which was in the middle of this wall hanging and then decided to add a bunch of circles.  :)  I like it a lot better and also it shows that you can redo some things without taking everything apart!

The block that I needed to get done is for my facebook group Creative Rectangles.  The other Admins and I are  offering two free BOMs this year.  One is for beginners and one is for intermediate levels.  I decided I would do the beginning ones so here is June's.  I wanted to get it done ahead of time to show people.  It's a spool block.

I never realized that the spool block kind makes a pinwheel affect in the middle.    I think I like that.  I also used the front and back of one of the fabrics.  The metallic is the front of the fabric (lower left) and the back side of the fabric is shown in the upper right.

Here are the other Beginner BOMs blocks that I have done.

I think in my next block or two I might have to use more tan fabric so that the one block isn't all by itself.  This isn't the order that I'll put my blocks in and I'll probably put sashing between them but it will give you an example of them.

Time to get back to cross stitching.  :)   Everybody have a great day.


Marsha Clark said...

Pretty wall hanging & blocks !

esther said...

Love your work!! Keep them coming!!