Saturday, May 2, 2015

Weekend Sewing

Can't say that I've done any quilting today but I did go through some more totes from storage and separate them into stacks.  The stack that needs to be shredded, one that goes into the sewing area, one that goes out to garbage.  Then I rearranged the room a little bit so now I can use my floor hoop/stand. I have it set up more for cross stitch and embroidery than for quilting.

I'm still working on the 5" angel that will go underneath plexiglass for a hot plate or trivet or whatever it is called.  I can't decide if I will undo the French knots for the angels halo or not.  I'm not particularly happy with how they look and am not sure they are needed.

I'll decide that in a day or two.

I did receive a surprise in the mail today.  One of the ladies from one of my facebook groups sent me three charm packs.  They are all three the same and guess what!  It is Stonehenge chips!  I love Stonehenge fabrics.  And these are blues which even make it better!

They just came out of the blue.  It was a wonderful surprise!

Time to get back to some sorting or perhaps tackle some of that shredding.  Everybody have a great weekend.  I hope it is as nice where you live as it is here.  Today has been in the 70s and sunny.

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esther said...

Wasn't that a great surprise !! Mine are pink!! Love them!! I can not throw anything away!! I have so many things I will never use or complete but to throw them away would hurt me!! Guess if was the never having anything will growing up in the forty's. Good luck with your tossing :)