Thursday, April 30, 2015

Happy May Day!

I'm only a little early since some of my readers are ahead of me.  So Happy May Day everybody.

Do you have May Day traditions that you remember?  I do.  At school, about every 4 years, one of the Physical Educaiton teachers would get in their heads the idea to try and teach us awkward students how to dance around a May Pole.

That was semi fun but what REALLY fun was when mom would drive us to the neighbors to leave May baskets on the neighbors door.  Of course the theory was that you left it on the door or stoop, knocked on the door to get their attention, and then run!   Of course in the country when you have a mile drive way to try and escape down it wasn't as easy as people made it out to be.

This May Basket has flowers in it but Mom would have us make the cones out of paper and then we'd put fruit and nuts and marshmallows in them.  Every once in awhile a dandelion or daisy might have been stuck in it also.

I was going to do this at work this year but expenses didn't allow me to.  Ok, I will admit that May 1st snuck up on me.  Maybe next year.  :)

Have one more May Day pictures just because it is too cute not to add.

 On Saturday I'll post some more quilting stuff.  Right now I have to look through recipes to see what I want to bring to the office for another food day on May 7th.

Until then, keep whatever traditions you want, throw out whatever traditions you want, but always remember to have fun!

Until next time....Have a Great Day!

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