Thursday, April 16, 2015

Did I forget to post my 4th block?

It looks like I might have.  I didn't get much quilting done last week but did manage to get one block done.  This is the fourth block and so you can see it with the other three I am reposting them also.

I actually like the 4th block (square within a square).  It didn't take long to do and that is always a plus.

I'm not sure how much quilting I'll get done this weekend either since I'm determined to finish emptying out the storage shed that I share with somebody else.  Of course that means I'll have totes to go through and see what to get rid of.  I went through some of it last night and discovered some cross stitch and quilting gems.  I'll post more pictures of them later.  Right now I'm off to a meeting.

Have a great day.

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