Monday, April 6, 2015

What a find!

Did everybody have a good Easter?  Mine was ok.  The holidays aren't as big of a thing for me now that mom has passed on.  I enjoy going to see other people but also enjoy having the time to myself for a bit to get stuff done.

I did get stuff done.  I managed to finish up two blocks that have been mailed out to friends.

This a design from Bird Brain Designs
This was just out of one of my quilting books but can't remember which one.  Perhaps Inspired by Tradition.

Those have been sent in the mail so then I turned my attention to something that I have been postponing for quite awhile.  Removing my stuff from the Storage unit I've been sharing with my ex and his family.  It's a long story but it's time for me to get my stuff out of there (no he's not making me do it).  I managed to get hold of Jessica and she helped me take out 12 totes.  These are the plastic tubs from Walmart that Rubbermaid makes.  I had forgotten how heavy they could be!

The first 12 were taken and put into my apartment.  I can't finish taking out the rest until I go through all of these.  Jessica says she'll keep my quilting frame in her garage for me since I don't have room for it in my apartment.  I did manage to empty out 4 of the tubs.  It was rather easy since a lot of it was mom's knick knacks which I didn't want.  I do not have a lot of room and I already have a lot of things from mom--especially fond memories.

Back on topic Bonni.  Ok. so here I am with all these full plastic totes and at least 12 more waiting for me in storage yet.  I HAVE to get them emptied out and gone through to figure out what I want to get rid of.  Now, when I say get rid of, I don't always mean thrown out.  I might send some of my magazines or patterns to other crafts who might want them.   That means I will probably scan some of the patterns, if possible, so I will always have an electronic copy of it.  That is where my great find comes in.

Going through some old cross stitch magazines, I saw this cover and OMG!  It will be a perfect accompaniment to Oma's Blues which I'm going to do.  Ready to see those two pictures together?  Here we go......

 How great is that?!  Two of my favorite things, quilting and cross stitch that would compliment each other.  If you look closely, you can see that the magazine goes back to 1986!  I can't believe I've kept it all this time.  Back then the magazine only cost $2.95.  Ahhhh, an affordable price and well worth it.  LOL.

That's it for this segment.  I wonder what other treasures I will find.

Until next time, have a great day!


Denise :) said...

Bonnie, even if you never got around to making the cross stitch, the pretty magazine cover would be a lovely touch to the bedside next to the Oma's Blues quilt! Nice find!!! :)

Quiltsmiles said...

Bonni- this will be a perfect complimetn to Oma's Blues.
Love those Dutch blues.

esther said...

Nice book and love your work.