Sunday, March 29, 2015

Cross Stitching

I'm taking a break from quilting for a little bit.  Still not feeling good and I can pick up and put down the cross stitch project a lot easier than the quilting projects.  I've been telling you about the great cross stitch stuff that was sent to me by Marilynn.  I have started one of presents.  It is an angel that when stitched up goes underneath a glass or acrylic square to act as a hot pad or something.  The stitched design will go on a 5" square when done and this had the whole kit so I figured why not.

Want to see what it should look like?

Of course I have a lot of stitches to do before it gets to be that pretty but I've started.

For fun I thought I'd also describe how I do itl  As you can imagine, the pattern was very small.  Thanks to a handy copy machine it's blown up to a decent size and colored pencils/markers work wel to color in the stitches that I have done already.  If I'm off a line (which I might be on this)  but I think I can correct it or add in the line without it detracting from the pattern.

Well back to sitting down and napping.  Everybody have a great day.


Sue Cottle said...

Handy cross-stick hint: Sew a grid with a contrasting thread - I usually used black or red. Mark the very centre, and the three quarters - I also found it handy to number both the aida cloth and the pattern with grid numbers. I found it was a lot easier to count grids than individual holes!

Have fun with this :)

esther said...

Love cross stitching , your angel is going to be so pretty.