Saturday, March 21, 2015

Today I remembered that I am blessed

Oh I know I'm blessed.  Grew up knowing it and realize it every day.  There are some days which make it harder to remember it because unknowingly I let the negativity of work or whatever push it aside.  Not today.  Today is a great day for when I picked up my mail this morning I had not one but TWO surprises in it.  A great friend sent me a gift card to cheer me up a bit.  It was a nice surprise since it will be very useful when I go grocery shopping this week.  The other thing that blew me away was a medium sized flat rate box packed full of cross stitch stuff.  (Corrected entry)  My new friend didn't have to "get rid of stuff" but instead just wanted to share what she had had been blessed with.   That is such a wonderful thought and idea.  I contacted her and she said she'd send me some things.  I didn't expect such generosity.

I am going to have so much fun going through everything.  There are even some things I haven't tried to do before so perhaps this is a sign that I should try those techniques.  :)

Thank you my friends.

I hope everybody else is having as good a day as I am today.


Marsha Clark said...

Great !

esther said...

Awesome!! I love cross stitching!!

Bonni said...

Thanks Marsha and Esther! It is good to remember how blessed we are. I started working on an Angel in the cross stitch. Look for updates soon.