Sunday, March 1, 2015

T-Block from Missouri Star Quilt Company

Have you seen the video from the Missouri Star Quilt Company yet?  I liked it enough that I made a small wall hanging from it.  Here is the link for you to watch if you haven't seen it yet.

For those of you who like written instructions:

First of all the yardage (for the quilt from MSQC):  Approximately (42) 10" squares and (33)  2 1/2" strips (which would include the first border).

For my wall hanging I used nine 10" squares.

So you start off taking your 10" square and cut off a 4" section.

Repeat for all of the 10" blocks.  Make two stacks.  One for the 4" rectangles and one for the 6" rectangles.

I decided to use black fabric for my "T".  I took my black 2 1/2" strips of black fabric (from a jelly roll) and started to sew the 4" sections to it.  Instead of just cutting what I needed, I chained pieced my 4" sections to it.

After finishing sewing the 4" sections to the black strip, I cut them apart and ironed the material to the black side.  The next step would be to sew the 6" sections to the black strip.  Before you sew the 6" sections, you need to decide how you will match them up.  This took me a little bit of time and I will confess that I cheated a bit.  If I found I liked a combination, I kept the same combination for both the 6" and 4" section.  In the picture below, I would have the six inch purple batik paid up with the four inch blue pattern.  Then I put the six inch blue pattern with the four inch purple batik.  Once you have the pairings like you want, sew it to the black strip.

When finished, iron to the black and you should have the base of your t-block finished.

The next step is to sew the black (in my case) 2 1/2" strips to the top of the block in order to finish your T.  If you wish to have the blocks have an illusionary affect, make sure the 6" side is always on the left.  I started to chain this step also but it didn't work out very well.  I had to resew a couple of them because I sewed it to the wrong side.  Perhaps it is best to sew those one at a time.  In no time at all you'll be done with your blocks.  MSQC said to measure your base of your t-block so that you know how much to cut your 2 1/2" strip for the top of the T.  I knew it would be less than 12" so I just cut my strips 12" and then trimmed when I was all done.

The layout should be like the picture below.  All the blocks in the vertical row are placed in the same position.  The next vertical row the blocks are turned up side down, etc.  If you prefer to think of it in terms of horizontal rows, you are alternating where the top of the T is in each block.  The first block the top of the T is at the top of the block.  The next block the top of the T is at the bottom of the block, etc.  Just refer to the picture below.

Sew your blocks into rows and then join the rows.

You should be ready for the first border.  The border is 2 1/2" strips in the same color as the T.  Once again I used the black jelly roll.

That is where I stopped.  The next step according to MSQC would be to add a 5" border to it.  I think that 5" is too large for a wall hanging.  IF I put on another border it would be probably be around 3-4".  I'm not sure if I want to put a second border on.  I stopped here so I can think on it and audition various fabric for the border (if  I do it) or binding.

What do you think?  A second border or not?


esther said...

Love your top and thanks for the pattern. I like it as is but another border would look good to and make is a little bigger. Which ever way you go is great.

Marsha Clark said...

Pretty !
Great tutorial !
I don't think it needs another border but that is up to you.