Saturday, March 28, 2015

1st Log Cabin Block

I finally did it.  I made my first log cabin block.  That is the 3rd  beginner block in the Creative Rectangle Facebook Group.  I thought I'd start with the beginners and was glad that I did because I sewed the log cabin block wrong three times today!

Here is the finished block:

I'm not too fond of that lighter blue.  It's darker in real life but it does show up too light I think.  I will keep it though since this is a sampler that I'm doing.  If it bugs me too much I might paint on some tea water to darken it a bit.  I was happy to be able to use up some of my African fabrics in it also.  The two yellows (the yellow and blue stars and the yellow and blue flowers) are from Africa as well as the gold/black/blue geometric material.

It's a learning experience and since it is a single block I might not change it.  The other two blocks that I have done can be seen in this picture.

I'm headed back to bed now.  I'm not feeling well so am resting a lot this weekend.  It's either the crud that is going around or allergies.  Actually it could be both but we'll see.  The allergy pills are letting me breath right now and my skin isn't itching any more so that's a good thing.  Next time I"ll take a picture of some of the cross stitch that I'm working on.  My friend sent me some more patterns and there is at least one that I want to make.  I'll tell you more about that later.

I hope everybody else is well and having a great weekend.

Until next time Happy Stitching.

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Sue Cottle said...

See, now I liked the blue! Especially the dark blue!

xxx - get better soon