Sunday, April 26, 2015

Weekend Sewing

I didn't get much done this weekend since it was a gaming weekend but I did manage to finish a block.  This is call the Hug Block and is from McCalls Quilting.  They have it for a 16" block (if I remember right) but I needed it as a 12" finished block.  It took me forever to figure it out.  I just asked somebody else to figure it out since I'm not good at that.  LOL.  Anyway here it is.

I'm not totally pleased with it but not totally displeased either.  That was on my list of things I wanted to accomplish on Sunday so that is good.  It is joining the other blocks now.  Here is what I have for the Beginner BOMs.

I will use more tans in a couple of other blocks later.  I'm trying to use most of the same fabrics in the blocks.  I have put those fabrics aside so that I won't accidentally use them in something else.  LOL.

After that I picked up my cross stitch again.  Made good progress on it.  I have to finish the halo and all the back stitching for the Angel.  I have to get some metallic thread first though so it might have to wait until the payday.  I also need to add a little more to her hand and the blue ribbons.

That's ok.  My fingers are protesting doing so much with them so they can use the rest.  On the other hand I might start the Delft cross stitch.

I have the Aida cloth and the blue floss all ready to start it.  I had hoped to be picked up a scroll frame for it but I wasn't able to.   Payday isn't here yet so it might have to wait a bit.  I did mark my center on the Aida cloth as well as used up leftover binding that I had. Instead of sewing the ends to stop fraying or using fabric fray etc., I sewing on (basted) my binding pieces.  I'll take a picture of it to show you later.

It is time to get ready for bed.  Everybody have a great night/day.

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esther said...

Love your Angel!!