Saturday, August 1, 2015

Can you guess?

Can you guess what I'm going to do with these?

They are small but they started out as rectangles.

Does it help if I show you this?

Did you guess a Dresden Plate?   You are right but I am doing a test block for the latest Missouri Star Quilt Company video called Dresden Plate Squared or something like that.  Basically it is a Dresden Plate that has been cut into a square.  Put sashing around the block and you have it.  MSQC used a layer cake but I had some 5" squares so used them.  Tomorrow I will probably sew them together for the mini block.  It will probably be made into a mug rug.  I will take a picture when it is done.

Speaking of pictures.  The Quilt Pattern Magazine has released the August edition and I tested the pattern called Garden Veggies.  I'm not so much into vegetable fabric but I did find these and liked how it looked.  The center square was blank so I added a charm to it.  It is now hanging up in my office.

Well that's about it except for my cross stitch.  I ended up framing the "Hang in There" picture so that is another Christmas present done.  I will post that probably next week.  It's not center quite right but the person it is going to is quite handy and I will let them try to adjust it if they want.  Then last thing *I* want is me messing up shaving off the center border just to see the "e" a little better.

Well my cross stitch NOEL is calling me again so I will say goodbye for now.  It is still not ready to show you yet since it's just straight lines so far.

Have a great day!

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esther said...

Love your work Bonni. I hope your having a great weekend!!