Monday, July 27, 2015

A Discovery...

When I go through things it always seems like I discover other "things".  This time it was going through some things from my brother and I found a couple of items that I thought had been lost.  The first item goes back to late 60s or early 70s I think.  My brother Tony was curious if the Bromeland side of the family had any coat of arms or anything so he paid a place to search it out.  I remembered seeing the shield and what was told to me were unicorn horns on top but after that I never saw it.  I found it while going through some of Kerm's things.  It seems he had given it to his son along with the grandmother clock that mom had.  They always kept it in there.  The other item that I have is the program from when Mother and I went to a luncheon for the King of Norway.  That was in 1975.  My copy of the program is so beat up that it almost is unrecognizable so I am taking the pictures from the one mom had.

I tried to get a pix of the other pages, which I did, but they don't work well in posting them here.  I couldn't blow them up large enough to read the print.  It was the meal and actual program etc.

That led me to getting back into cross stitch after finishing up my "hang in there cat" and that was a journey by itself.  I found an old UFO that I thought would be good to do and pulled it out look at.

It has a unicorn but I would just turn the unicorn into a horse I think.  So I pulled everything out and ...oops.  Nope.  Not going to happen.  Working on 28 count evenweave might have been good 40 years ago but not now.  I still want to do it but will have to see what size Aida cloth I need and then if I can find it.  So I went on to another UFO project.

 I love this one and pulled out the pattern but that is as far as I got.  I will work on finding the Aida cloth for it and enlarging the pattern so that I don't ruin my original which was from a magazine as well as making it larger.  Then on to getting the floss and finding the Aida cloth large enough.  I might actually have some of that but I'll let you all know.

By now I was determined to find a cross stitch project to work on.  I pulled out a couple of more kits that I had dropped and decided I didn't want to do any more so that canvas is set aside to take out the stitches and recycle the canvas into another project.  FINALLY!  I found what I could work on.  It's a Christmas NOEL kit that I had.  So I am happy that I found something but guess what.  I forgot to take a picture of it!  I guess that means you'll have to see it next time around.  LOL.

Until then have a wonderful and safe day.


esther said...

Wonderful memories and so glad you have caught the cross stitch bug again!! I love cross stitch and needle turn work.

Marsha Clark said...

Cool Memories <3