Sunday, July 19, 2015

Life's Upheavel

Wow, the last two weeks have been so hectic!  It started with a severe allergy attack that, to quote one friend, made my face look like somebody stuffed the Stay Puff Marshmallow man into my cheeks.  This happened the day after my birthday (hello to age 59).  Then, of course, that meant it was all swollen when we had visitors from the Truman State University come visit.  The good news is that after a week of Zyrtec (1 x day) and Benedryl (every 3-4 hours) my face got back to normal (for it).

During that week I had Josephine Hammersley (daughter of my good friend Dan) out for a week.  it turned out to be very good week.

Then the other shoe dropped. My brother, Kerm(Kermit) had a massive heart attack and is in the hospital in the ICU.  It's not looking good so we are just in a holding pattern.  So I'm torn between work and waiting and trying to keep occupied.  What do I do to keep occupied?  I go shopping for new storage boxes for my embroidery floss.  I have three large plastic boxes and bought two more since I've outgrown the three.

So while I was doing laundry this morning, I was winding embroidery floss onto the bobbins.  The bobbins on the right had side are the ones I got done and the gallon size plastic bag on the left is what I have left to do.  Once I have them all wound up, I'll see how I can divide the floss up between the FIVE containers that I have.  All nice and organized for my next project.  Then when I do the project I'll go and pull them out and put them in a small plastic container that will be more portable.

The other things I did was to go to my neighbors garage sale. and picked up a small crock pot.  I wanted a small one so if I wanted to take a hot dip or something to work or buffet then I can use it instead of my monster crock pot.

I put a can of tomatoes next to it for reference so you can see how tall it is.  It was just the right size to try putting in a chicken thigh to see if it works.

IT WORKS!  Just large enough for the chicken thigh and then I made mashed potatoes with the juices from it.

Well time to get some more work done so I'll chat later.

Everybody have a great day/afternoon/night.

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esther said...

Love your new crock pot!! Praying for your brother and hugs to you. Take care of yourself.