Sunday, July 12, 2015

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Yep, it's that time of the year again when I celebrate another birthday.  My 59th birthday to be exact.  It's been a busy week getting to my birthday but a delightful one.  I've had company all week so that meant, you guessed it...I had to clean.  :)

Those bags underneath are various UFOs where I have pulled specific material for that project

Ignore the garbage bag on the floor.  But at least most of the fabric got put away.

even the kitchen got cleaned or a bit more organized

Just note that the dishes are all clean.  Just not put away.

See?  Nothing on the floor and I washed the floor too!

Not much could be done with the bathroom but it didn't look too bad.

Yeah, I took the picture after my shower and had to hang up the towels to dry.  The black marks above the register have been there since I moved in (2003).

So I felt pretty good about getting the apartment cleaned.  On Monday I got the call that it was time to run to Elburn to pick up Josephine Hammersley who was going to stay with me for a week.  She had been in Chicago to attend an Anime Con and then she was going to take a Teaching English as a Second Language short course in Chicago.  She needed a place to stay in between the two so she stayed with me.  There wasn't any problems on Monday but on Tuesday I woke up to:

Just what I wanted to see (NOT!) especially when I had company as well as at work Truman State University McNair scholars were coming out for a visit.  I put my hair down and it wasn't quite as noticeable but still!  I had made arrangements earlier at work to half days off so that I could spend time with Jo while she was visiting and I'm glad that I did.  Not sure how much visiting we did because I was wiped out from taking allergy meds and Ibuprofen.

By Thursday the swelling had gone down to:

It's slowly going down so that is good.  I'm still taking allergy meds and Iburprofen.  I did manage to work on another block while Jo was here.  

I also managed to cut some 2 1/2" strips from fabric that had been given to me.  Not sure yet what I'll do with them but they are cut and waiting now.

Friday Jo took me out to the movies to see Minions!  It was good.  We then came home to eat ice cream and watch Despicable Me.  Enjoyed all of it.  

Good times have to come to an end and they did this morning.  Jo packed up and took her heavy suitcase down the steps and into the car.  She had packed up some of her Con things and mailed them home but then filled up the space in her suitcase with food for the next 4 weeks.  Yummy goodness like ramen, Chef boyardee, tea, and Vienna Sausages.  Thank you Dollar Tree.  It was a great time shopping (oh and don't forget snacks)!

Here is Jo as she was about to get out of my car and walk up to the train depot to get her ticket to go back to Chicago for the next four weeks.  Good luck in your course Jo-Chan!

I hope everybody has as good a day as I'm having.

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