Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween and other end of the month stuff

Since I am typing this on break time it will have to be short.

First of all I wish to say Happy Halloween

to those who celebrate and/or like the holiday.  I don't do anything special for Halloween since I don't get trick or treeters.  It is a time when I can lock my doors and settle in for a quiet night.  We all need more of those don't we?

I know that I need a quiet night after the busy weekend I had.  I have now finished the t-shirt wall hanging and t-shirt quilt.  They don't have any labels on them but I'm not sure they will have labels put on them.  I will talk to the client about that on Wednesday when I meet him for lunch.

The back of the quilt

The squares finished up at approximately 14 1/2".  Quite large but these were from grown ups and it got to be tricky on how to get the design in.  A couple of the blocks I had to "create" from smaller pieces.

I also managed to cook this weekend and made a Shepherd's Pie in the crock pot and Pepperoni Pizza roll ups.  Combined with the Beer Cheddar soup, brats, and Reuben dip that I took home as leftovers from the work birthday lunch (I was last to choose what to take so they sort of gave me whatever was left), I didn't have to cook much at all and now have food in the freezer for later.  LOVE that idea.

I see some of the people are looking for me so I had better get back to work.  Have a great day everybody!

And, for my vegan friends....

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