Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yep that's right.  I am 61 years old today. that correct?  Hang on while I dig out a calculator.  Yeah, that's right I have to use a calculator now to verify my age.  Oh well.  I still love my birthday because it beats the alternative.  So I dug out my Queen of everything cup to use today at work.

I also put some flowers that I received from a friend on my desk and let my friend George the Dragon help guard them.

Along with the flowers came some caramel brownies but I didn't think of taking a picture of them.  They were washed down with some wine.  Perhaps that is why I forgot.

I didn't forget, however, to snap a picture of my progress on the mini owl.  You can just start to see the rings of the Celtic part showing up.

Well it's after 8 a.m. which means I should get to work but wait!  There's more!   One of my co-workers brought in treats for me AND flowers.  Thank you Debbie!

I hope everybody else has a great day!

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Kathy G said...

It looks like it was a first-class day.