Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday, August 26th - Herding Turtles

Didn't do much this weekend but after having breakfast with mother this Sunday, it started to rain.  I figured it was a good time to work on the Herd of Turtles again.  I managed to finish up one turtle and now have a system.  Between gluing the pieces on and then stitching them, I am finally making progress.  I am using Elmer's clear school glue (washable) and Roxanne's baste it glue.  Whichever I find first when I get the urge to work on it.  :)

It's starting to take shape.  I love the material but from a distance it definitely looks like a ghost turtle.  I started to experiment with some tea to stain it with and see if I'll like that as an alternative.  It will be too much to cover to just "paint" plus I want it to be flexible yet.  I'll keep you all informed on how it turns out.


Sue Cottle said...

You thought of using Shiva Paint Sticks? that might give it a bit more definition, without overwhelming it. Problem with tea is the results are so variable.


Bonni said...

I haven't used the paint sticks before Sue. Do they leave the material stiff? It is true that the results are variable with tea but then two turtles don't look exactly alike anyway. :)