Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Start of Presents for Mom

Mom's birthday is December 10th and she'll be 93!  I thought this year she might like to have a choice on what mini she gets for her birthday as well as for Christmas.  I finished one of them tonight and here is a quick snapshot of it.  I'll try to get a better picture when I get to work.

I was in a snowman block swap last year and one of the ladies, Brenda Sutter, did this wonderful block.  She gave me an extra block which was a little larger and tonight I quilted it and put it together for mom.  Some of the things that mom mentioned she'd like are:

1.  A pillow for her bed (think sofa pillow size) which has embroidered flowers on it.
2.  A pillow for her back for when she sits in her wheel chair.
3.  More small wall hangings.

Of course the usual is also on her list.  That would be:

1.  Lipstick
2.  McDonald's hot picante sauce (she uses 3 packets at every meal if she has enough)
3.  More visits
4.  more hugs
5.  start the list over.

What are you doing for the holidays?  Has anybody ever made pot holders?  I am going to try and make some of them but haven't decided yet on the material.  I think my first ones, shall we call those trial ones(?), shall just be some seasonal fabric and not a particular pattern.  Start simple and work up.

I have another wall hanging to do which my friend Connie and I will be each doing. She is ahead of me on it so I'll have to catch up.  Hopefully over thanksgiving when I have some days off.

So many projects....so little time.  :)

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